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Archived: "The Testimony of a Man Who Left Freemasonry (secret society). One word: Amazing."

[Originally posted on September 10, 2008 at 1:30am on another social-networking site I'm a member of. Just copy and paste the vid-link. The testimony is kinda long, but well worth the time].

The Testimony of a Man Who Left Freemasonry (secret society). One word: amazing.

The Link:

Mark R Cleminson's Personal Testimony recorded by 3ABN TV. Mark Cleminson was delivered from a life that involved White Lodge Freemasonry, Transcendental Meditation, Metaphysics, Esoteric Knowledge, Occult practices, the New Age Movement and Telekinesis. He was protected by God when the order was given that his life should be taken by human and supernatural forces. This is a Powerful Testimony. Please watch and share....

" a very young age... through transcendental meditation [yoga], i was able to tap powers that would allow me to do things... clairvoyance, moving objects, and even the idea of being able to look outside of my body... and eventually being able to levitate as well. so these were [satan's] gifts that i thought were given to me by tapping this power from a source-- at that time, didn't realize where it was coming from, but, later when i came to the Lord..."

I personally know some people who have denounced their secret societies so please contact me (message, post, etc) if you would ever like to speak with them personally and hear their testimony of how God brought them out! (Ex-AKA, Ex-Omegas and an Ex-Kappa).

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Mark 1:14-15.

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