Friday, June 19, 2009

What Matters Most

Those things that matter most in life... that's where I strive to dwell. To be at a point of contentment, yet a desire to grow higher in the Lord as well; that's a great place to be. That's the place where I am, and I can smile simply thinking about it.

We have a slew of happenings occurring in the next few weeks and coming months. My family isn't as active as I'd like them to be, but when we do go out together, surely it is a sweet treat.

First up is our annual baseball game at The Durham Bulls Stadium. I love going each year, experiencing the fanatic-like atmosphere, filled with happy kids and just-as-happy adults. Cotton candy, funnel cakes-- good ol' classic junk food that fills the belly. YUM.

The food. The food is the best part (of anything, lol!), besides the great view of the grassy baseball field from on-high and the announcer's voice gearing up the crowd with baseball classics such as "Take Me Out to the Ball-game" and similar sing-along activities and tunes. Ahh, I love it.

Do I follow the game? Sure I do, whenever I'm not chowing down on my expensive goodies, taking note of the surrounding families in their Bulls paraphenelia, or catching glances of the fascinating stadium workers with those heavy trays of delicious snack foods. The scenery is far too distracting for me to become loyally absorbed into the game-playing. The surrounding activity is far more captivating. Experiencing the wind in your face and the warm weather is enough for me... getting outdoors and just being there is perfect in itself.

In early July, after the fourth of July crowd, off to Wilmington Beach we shall go! Me, my mom, younger sister, and my mom's friend will take a short vacay to the beach and soak up the summer sun at my mom's friend's beach house... hmm, the beach was such a fond memory-- yet, I check my pictures and I haven't been since summer 2007? Wow, that long, huh?!

Here I am at Myrtle Beach in 2007 for our annual family reunion. I don't plan on buying a new bathing suit because I'll more than likely be buying an umbrella, a beach chair and a nice beach towel. They will come in handy for the coming years, AND for the following month!

Yep that's right, another beach trip in early August with my good friend Gabrielle and her friends, to celebrate her birthday. My birthday is actually that following week in August so, this will pretty much be a gift to myself as well. Ahh... what matters most-- quality time with the people you adore, in the places you adore.

My time at Wilmingtom Beach next month will be a time for relaxation, reflection, ponderance and time alotted for my God. I miss missing my God and I consider Him often, very often. In my thoughts, in my time alone, in my lonliness, in my aloneness... in my happiness, in my temptation and in my trial. I see myself soaking up the sun on the shore, cozy book in hand, iPod handy with sweet gospel tunes and cold beverages nearby. This is how life should be... a vacation every day, sincere time spent with God and pure thoughts always.


Check out the beach chair I bought yesterday at CVS! It was originally $17.99, on sale for $9.99. I paid for it with $10 in ECB's, so nothing out of pocket! It's reeeally cute, really bright. It's a 5-position long-back chair. I love it! :)

[As of June 3, 2010 I have deleted the picture of me on the beach. Too many weirdos were clicking on it. WATCH your website, folks!]

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  1. Enjoy that beach chair, especially when you use it at the beach spending time with our Lord! Not only will you be soaking up the sun at the shore, you will be soaking up the Son of the Lord!

    Blessings dear one!


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