Monday, July 12, 2010

All Talk and no Word

I hope we all know where this leads us. These short and pithy lines are what I was inspired to tweet yesterday night. I shared this with the folks on Twitter.

All talk and no Word, is stealing God's time. You're on His clock. All talk and no Word, starves you of your deliverance. All talk and no Word, deprives you of your breakthrough. All talk and no Word, will keep you from what God wants to bless you with. All talk and no Word, will keep you hungry for attention. All talk and no Word, will probably make you fall into sin.


Is this milk, or meat?
What do you think?

I think there is a line in there for every person. I could "flesh" this out some, but I'm thinking it is easily explanatory as a stand-alone. Surely I could offer some biblical references.

I was telling a gal on Twitter the other evening that I desire to be [will be] spirit-led in all things. So, before I am to post anything to my devotional Twitter or my devotional blog, I want to be sure that it's not just me talking, but instead what God desires for His people to know and experience for themselves.

And it is so.

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