Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Glory Day


Today is just one of those days. One of those days that makes you feel glad to be alive. Glad to know Jesus. Sincerest, I can only smile and relish in the glory days of our Lord.
God inspires his children to dream big about the future. Such inspiration comes from the Spirit who shows you what is to come (John 16:13). via Twitter
I was in my car just the other day and a song I hadn't heard in a while came upon the CD player. I tried not to weep in the car because everyone would see me in broad daylight crying behind the wheel. It was, "The Blood of Jesus." And I think, "God You are so right. So much could have happened to me. The reports on the news lately, all of the deadly happenings. Bless You GOD." I cry because I am protected. I cry because I know my God will not allow anything to happen to me. I cry because my total trust is in Him. His promise is embedded within me. Glory.




  1. thanks for sharing us a lovely post sis and just a note the next time you find yourself crying don't stop let it go, I am a firm believer that God does things with our tears, tears is a release and He catches every one of them. I use to do the same thing did not want people to see me crying then I realized I don't care what people might think or say I have a reason to be thankful for having Jesus as my Lord and Savior...

  2. Wow! I should be dead many times over! God has saved me soooo many times it isn't even funny! Everyday is a blessing, and we owe every breathe to HIM! Amen?

    God is a shield about us!

    God bless!

    Thank you Jesus!

  3. thank you all.

    yes God's Spirit does come upon me strongly when i do cry unto Him, and because i was in the car, i knew i had to contain myself some how. bless you both.



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