Friday, January 29, 2010


Just to know that people acknowledge Christ for having actually lived, walked this earth and have been crucified-- is incredibly; hugely monumental! Atheists acknowledge Jesus having lived, non-theists and pagans do too!

For born-again believers this is pretty incredible and I'm just realizing it myself! Not that we have been given the "approval" or "go-ahead" from man himself, but that even non-believers cannot deny Jesus Christ having been [being] a real person who walked this life!!!! Gosh I can hardly explain the epiphany I just had this evening! Praise GOD, saints and believers in Christ!

WOW. It's like extra confirmation. Just that little umph that is undeniable. My LORD! Thank You GOD, my, my, my!!! Man is confirming/has confirmed that Christ was indeed a man-- He is real. This is so wow. You'd think it'd be a newbie-moment but even now I'm in awe! AWE! When you consider the Christian and that child of God who worships, adores and deeply loves Jesus as so; and who has had a glimpse into who Jesus Christ is through a direct relationship with His Spirit. Dwelling with God. HOW MONUMENTAL! THIS TRULY LIT MY FACE AGLOW!!


"What Matters Most!,"