Wednesday, December 7, 2011


"Anything can come along and make you feel good... tickle your fancy.... make you feel a "high", if you will. But if you're not careful, you can get so caught up in emotionalism (loose godly faith and trust), until any power/influence can fool you into thinking that the root of your feeling is of God.. or its "OK"... but the question is..what/who do you KNOW? because when the emotions fade/change,its what you KNOW that keeps your mind sane... its what you know that keeps u balanced.. its what you know that keeps you strong when the enemy tempts.. when pain and pressure come to "try" you,what is it that you KNOW.. do you KNOW who God u know the "word"? what influence r u under.. emotion.. or Gods word??" ~Bro. Laron, Spirit of God

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December 1, Saints!

It's December 1!! Happy Great last month of the year to you all! I've missed you all so much! I'm so glad to be here blogging, we've had such a perfect, blessed, indescribable year you wouldn't believe the joy I've experienced. What a mighty God we serve!

This evening my fiance and I are going to splurge on a wreath for his door! This is our first Christmas and we're going to make it memorable! He said he really wants one and I'm just so excited that he's as excited about holiday decorating as I am! We're also going to put up his Christmas tree!! I say "his" everything because we're not living together yet (that'll be when we get married in 3 months). So, until then we're decorating his home together.

I hope all of you had a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving. Daniel and I went to Baltimore, Maryland for the 63rd Annual Holy Convocation at their presiding Church. Oh what a prosperous time we had! There were bible forums and services all week long. The theme for the convocation was "Moving to the Next Realm." Each day was filled with two services (day & night), and bible forums. My sweetheart was even able to present at one of the forums on that Saturday. It was a blessing to see him speak to the congregation and their children. They prayed over us an engaged couple that the Lord would bless all that we put our hands to. So grateful for the people of God, bless Jesus.

Other topics included "Is It Worth the Rapture?" and how we must be subject to change. God, I am glorified in You. I am grateful to stand in Your presence and experience Your blessings. You are all that I ever dreamt of, and You've given me all that I could have ever imagined. My Lord I am blessed. I cannot glorify You enough. You've given me my dream-guy, and he even fits in with the vision You showed me on true holiness and being a help to God's people. Hummm, My God I love Jesus!! Not only because of the things He has done, but for Who He is!

Be blessed in Jesus' Name,