Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Thousand Words Thursday: KJV

So I follow certain companies and organizations on Facebook, and one update was:

What is your favorite Bible translation? Why?

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"King james bc I feel my spirit receiving water when I read it but that doesnt happen with the other translations" ~Lina

"..KJV, because when I receive revelation, I know that it was sent by God!"

My answer was the second.

Oh glory!,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Courtship: A Deeper Connection

What I've found along the Way that lines up with my intentions and purpose concerning courtship and marriage:

All are excerpts from this article I'm reading: by John Thomas of

To love is not to share all the same interests, but it is to value those the other person has.

If marriage is anything, it is a deep-level connection. ... Connecting at deeper levels develops over time as trust grows and as an individual feels they are in a safe place to share at that level.

Enjoying one another’s company is a great starting place for any relationship and obviously a requirement, but we can only talk about the weather for so long.

Conversations that touch at the level of emotions, ranging from joy to pain, are the ones that create heart connection.

Remember what you’re doing: First, you’re trying to discern whether you’re in unity on core values and second, whether you can connect at the level of emotions.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Faith was on FIRE

A friend just posted a video about a man being raised from the dead. A doctor who was also a believer and follower of Christ, was led to pray for a man who suffered a massive heart attack and had been dead for over one hour. He was turning blue and his body was beginning to decompose. The man lived.

This made me think of a very real event in my life. I remember hearing a story on the local news about a little girl who was abused, raped and kept several days by a man close to her. He abused her to the point of her being in a coma I believe. She was near death. They had been reporting on her story for several days now. I remember her story coming again upon the television. They were reporting live from the hospital down the road, following this little girls every move.

I remember the urge to go lay hands on her. Like, literally go put my hands on her and say a prayer. The live coverage was still broadcasting and I walk toward our kitchen window. My faith was on fire within me. I wanted to go to the hospital and go do this thing but I had no one to go with me. I knew this girl was to live. I needed someone to go with me!! Nobody of faith was nearby. I thought of my friend Shannon. She lives not to far from here. I did not call her. I know if she was around that she would go with me. And, she would be praying with me. The girl ended up dying that day.

I think within me. LORD, my faith was on FIRE!!! My faith was on fire!! This is what ministry is about. Two by two saith the Lord! TWO BY TWO!! Lord knows I should have been there, I couldn't go alone so I thought! God is GOOD and I desire to do mighty things in His Name! Lord be with your Best, Your special ones that they may go boldly! Go boldly!! And bring us a friend to come with us along the way!