Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Blessings: Getting a prayer through

The Lord has been doing some great teaching today. A few days ago, the Lord had been teaching me about prayer and how to really seek the LORD. If I haven't informed you all, which I'm sure I have not since I've not been blogging lately-- I am enrolled into Pastor Benny Hinn's School of Ministry and we're studying the ministry of intercession and intimacy with God.

God has chosen me to be a set apart lady, purposely planned for His ministry. In my lesson we're learning the Three Realms of Prayer and they are: Asking (is the outer court), Seeking (is the holy place) and Knocking (is the inner court, Holy of Holies). What's wonderful is that the Lord had Pastor Wil (my local pastor/teacher) to preach on it today at service.

He was saying the very things Benny Hinn was saying this past week in terms of Luke 11:9, "And I say unto you, Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you." It wasn't until this verse did I see the words "Ask, Seek, Knock" in one complete scripture.

The people of GOD are not getting prayers through because "Asking" is the realm of prayer in which we are in the flesh (outside-- outer court), we cannot touch God in this realm because you have yet to enter In. The outer court is always going to be: "God give me, Lord give me, Lord forgive me." It's our flesh; in the first realm we ask as our flesh does.

It's not until we get to the Holy of Holies do we really touch God. AND even then, it's not about us. Before touching the holiest place of Jesus here on earth, we must move then to the second realm of prayer, the holy place-- or, "seeking" realm. Seeking realm is not seeking God for what He can do for you (that is the outer court, where no outside man can expect to receive anything of God)-- it is more of a seeking His Fellowship. Seeking Him to come abide with you, commune with you, to dwell with you.

This is setting the stage for the Holy Spirit to come down.

For example;

  1. You begin by repenting (outer court),
  2. Then you move to seeking God's Holy Spirit to come down (holy place),
  3. And thereafter God's Spirit has began to visit you, you really begin melting in His presence and abiding with Him (inner court, Holy of Holies)

It's like you have to allow the LORD to cleanse you before you can even touch His robe. It's as if you must WASH YOUR HANDS and purify your hearts before entering in. And as Pastor Wil was ministering, prayers go unanswered because people are not bringing their sin before the throne of God. The people are not repenting of their wrongdoing before God's altar, amen.

Not repenting of wrong is only one of many reasons why people are not seeing God move. The other two were, asking with wrong motives (not a pure heart-- ie; "asking amidst that they may consume it upon their own lusts"), and lastly, asking outside the will of God. To know God's will, you must stay where He is at all times, to know where He is at all times, you must commune with Him to really know his Spirit. After a while, your will begins to become GOD's will in a sense that you begin to desire the things He desires. And if you desire the things God desires and what God desires for you, there's nothing that He won't do.

Bless you,