Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Was watching this video series on YouTube called,


Really great teaching, by the way. Gonna finish it up soon [the series] , LORD willing.

Near the end of part two, I instinctively put my head down in my palm and said "Doh!" As in, "DUH! lol, that's so easy!" So simple-- no one can figure it out.

And, me and my heart for sign language, looked up the sign for "dumb" on, and there ya have it-- the sign for "dumb" is similar to the one I naturally signed after watching part two of the teaching lesson above!

And, have you seen 5:15 - 6:35 of the video? I made a comment on YouTube, something like "LORD, how I adore You, wowwwwww. I'm dumb-stricken."


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


שתדלי תפילה ממש קוד על מלאך לשון תפילה

יהוה ישו אני אוהב אותך
Ο Λόρδος αγαπώ σας


Saturday, March 20, 2010

funnel cakes!

I made funnel cakes tonight! I bought a kit with my mom at World Market today for $9.99. I lovvvee funnel cakes and now I can enjoy them year-round and for cheap, cheap, cheap!

The kit includes a funnel, the metal ring to cook the cake in, and some funnel cake mix.

They taste just like the ones at the fair! My Dad appreciated them too; he loves them just as much as I do. It was fun making them! You should have seen it! My first one was HUGE and really crispy brown. Hehe, it was heavy as all-ever when I pulled it out of the oil with my tongs. Soo funny. I pitched that one; I just knew how oil-soaked it was.

lol. HERE is a pic of my funnel cakes with powdered sugar! They were soo good! Tasted just like the Fair. I love them. When I want more mix, I can grab some at World Market for $3.99 a box! Each box makes 8-10 cakes! YAAy :)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Pictures, yAY!

Yay, new season. New pictures. Last time I took a self-pic was back in November and before then, in July!

July 2009

November 2009

March 2010 (today!)

Yaaaay, I like the new one (and the older ones too)! :D:D
Enjoy your mid-week!,

P.S. Looks like I take a new pic every four months! Haha, I didn't plan that I promise! :D

In Christ,

Higher Place

I had to blog this, what I saw this morning. So, obviously my windshield is awful :D, It was huge. ...The SUN! I was in traffic; at a stop light this morning around 7:30 a.m. and said, 'I gotta take a picture."

Now, this isn't just the sun-SHINE, ...THIS is the SUN. As I was approaching the red light I saw this-- the sun was huuuge. Biggg! You could see the roundness of it, it was so big. It was so gorgeous, my jaw drrropped; I've never seen it so large. Sooo gorgeous, LORD!! :D :D


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Status Update #6


Grateful for this day. SO glad on this day. Thanking God for this DAY.

Mornings make me smile just as much as Sunday afternoons. I've considered the previous blog post and I wanted to make sure I clarified what I was feeling at that time (and still feel frequently).

I wasn't going to, because I thought, "Why should I have to clarify? It's my blog." lol :( But, then I realized that what I meant may have gotten lost in the words I typed.

I live with my parents. Now, re-read that blog post with that in mind. LOL :X haha. I love them, truly I do. Yet, I need my own space. I need my own space. I have my room, the one I grew up in. And, I love it. It's tiny, but it's sooo full of my personality and that's what I adore.

Here's a part of my joy:

My growing, multi-faceted book collection. This past winter I've dubbed myself a self-proclaimed "bibliophile," a collector and connoisseur of books :) Haha. I'm a beginner/novice, however! Hehe. Every other week I'm grabbing a new book on The last one I purchased was on euphemisms, called In Other Words by Dominique Enright. I've learned so much from that. Beforehand I had learned that words like "Gosh," "Jeez/Geez," and "Darn/Dang" were all euphemisms for ungodly words. Gosh [╪ God] and Jeez/Geez [╪ Jesus] are blasphemies. And of course Darn/Dang is a euphemism for DAMN. So, this book has those euphemisms in them as well as some new ones I never imagined would be blasphemies: Jimminy Cricket and Jeepers Creepers [both ╪ Jesus Christ] . Wild, huh?

And, the book before that which I purchased as well, Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson is grrreat. I love it! Such an extensive resource. And, accurate. I'm always looking up angels :) One I've found fascinating, is Lilith. She's deemed to be a "bad angel," or fallen angel/demon spirit, if I may say. She's the [fallen] angel of Friday, who entices lust and ungodly thoughts/behaviors in individuals.

I've always discerned that something was up with Fridays, and have never enjoyed them. There's always a dark spiritual atmosphere/presence on Friday nights. I really hate it. But, then again I'm thankful because every Friday I feel a longing within me for God and His spirit. Like, even though it's "dark" out, I know God's Spirit is with me, \o/ So, a doubled-edged sword there. I'm glad I grabbed this book, lots to praise God for!!



Saturday, March 13, 2010


I need some type of refuge; a hiding place.
[You are my refuge. I need You in my physical. Where I am, where my flesh lives].
My own tabernacle. A place where quiet dwells. A place where all is still, always. A place where loud is silenced; where noise runs from, who clamor fears.


Friday, March 5, 2010


(photo credit netzkobold on

Hey y'all.

I was to be blogging about some other things this weekend, and still plan too, LORD willing.... I hope. But, something else I've been thinking about. Kind of off the radar. I don't really blog about too many personal things on here, unless it's about like baking, couponing or other casual happenings. This is mainly a devotional blog.

On the other hand, I'd consider this blog post to be concerning "a devotional-thing," because I hope for God to work with me more on my character and developing a more comely attitude.

So, here goes. [I'm sorry if you're not familiar with Twitter; that website is mainly what I am blogging about this evening. If you're not familiar with it, that's ok. My hope is that you get something from this as well. Please leave me a note if so desired and I'll reply, LORD willing].

Now that I've gotten the disclaimer out of the way-- hehe!

The Run-Down,
I have two Twitter accounts, one devotional and one casual. On my devotional Twitter, my purpose and objective is fairly certain. I only update that one with Bible scriptures, strictly "God-material," if I may say, and what ever it may be that I feel led to tweet. My other Twitter has all godly material as well [surely]. It's just less devotional--- how's that sound? Twitter is social networking. In tandem, I prefer to have two accounts; everyone wants an account where they can just tweet something like the latest on my casual Twitter: "Blogging and enjoying some hot cereal. Cream of Wheat is one of my tastiest childhood memories!," yet still be taken seriously as a God-fearing woman.
...that's where the separate Twitter accounts come in: Whitney, the disciple of CHRIST, who in real-life, is non-compromising when it comes to decisions, choices and every day life. AND, the chill-Whitney who tweets the everyday tweets and @ tweets, my other endeavors/interests: couponing, my books/reading, entrepreneurships/ventures, thoughts, concerns, observances, whatever it may be-- all of which is a part of who I am. For me, it works. Well.

The Meat,
I need help in understanding this one thing that always leaves me scratching my head.

I follow someone --> they follow me. Someone follows me --> I follow them.

[For non-Tweets (if you're not onTwitter), this means that there is reciprocity between the two Tweets. We have something in common, we can DIRECT MESSAGE one another! Non-Tweets: without this feature you can only talk to someone on open-air. Think Facebook! If you delete me as a friend, that's it! I can no longer send you a direct message. Same applies here].

I've "known you" for x-amount of months [on Twitter]; we've exchanged some good tweets! Even casual tweets/funny tweets! [And, this is on my NON-casual Twitter, mind you :)].

Later, I see my follower-count drop by one, two. When noticed, I proceed to checking because it's like losing a friend on Facebook to me, right.

I see exactly who is no longer following me, and it's the people who I've chatted with on several occasions! They're like family!

What happened!
What happened??

I reaeally loathe stuff like this, because it breeeeeds doubt. It's hurtful, almost. It's important enough [important enough to me], that I chose to blog about it. And.......... I blogged about it on my devotional blog. ....Do you see where this is going, friend?

I care! I really do care!

Is it that-- the person who unfollowed me is insecure in some way? [Lack of validation? Affirmation?] I don't understand. I want to understand. What would cause someone to deliberately (consciously, purposely, knowingly, intentionally) unfollow a friend in Christ? [LORD God, help me to not stress out too much over this. This is my prayer!]

I'm concerned!! I love y'all, man!,
Best in Christ,