Saturday, March 20, 2010

funnel cakes!

I made funnel cakes tonight! I bought a kit with my mom at World Market today for $9.99. I lovvvee funnel cakes and now I can enjoy them year-round and for cheap, cheap, cheap!

The kit includes a funnel, the metal ring to cook the cake in, and some funnel cake mix.

They taste just like the ones at the fair! My Dad appreciated them too; he loves them just as much as I do. It was fun making them! You should have seen it! My first one was HUGE and really crispy brown. Hehe, it was heavy as all-ever when I pulled it out of the oil with my tongs. Soo funny. I pitched that one; I just knew how oil-soaked it was.

lol. HERE is a pic of my funnel cakes with powdered sugar! They were soo good! Tasted just like the Fair. I love them. When I want more mix, I can grab some at World Market for $3.99 a box! Each box makes 8-10 cakes! YAAy :)


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  1. Hey there Whitney,

    Ooooo... I didn't know that you can buy a kit to make them at home! My wife loves them and we consider funnel cakes fair food and it's rare when we find a spot that sells them. I definitely need to look for this kit! Later!


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