Sunday, March 14, 2010

Status Update #6


Grateful for this day. SO glad on this day. Thanking God for this DAY.

Mornings make me smile just as much as Sunday afternoons. I've considered the previous blog post and I wanted to make sure I clarified what I was feeling at that time (and still feel frequently).

I wasn't going to, because I thought, "Why should I have to clarify? It's my blog." lol :( But, then I realized that what I meant may have gotten lost in the words I typed.

I live with my parents. Now, re-read that blog post with that in mind. LOL :X haha. I love them, truly I do. Yet, I need my own space. I need my own space. I have my room, the one I grew up in. And, I love it. It's tiny, but it's sooo full of my personality and that's what I adore.

Here's a part of my joy:

My growing, multi-faceted book collection. This past winter I've dubbed myself a self-proclaimed "bibliophile," a collector and connoisseur of books :) Haha. I'm a beginner/novice, however! Hehe. Every other week I'm grabbing a new book on The last one I purchased was on euphemisms, called In Other Words by Dominique Enright. I've learned so much from that. Beforehand I had learned that words like "Gosh," "Jeez/Geez," and "Darn/Dang" were all euphemisms for ungodly words. Gosh [╪ God] and Jeez/Geez [╪ Jesus] are blasphemies. And of course Darn/Dang is a euphemism for DAMN. So, this book has those euphemisms in them as well as some new ones I never imagined would be blasphemies: Jimminy Cricket and Jeepers Creepers [both ╪ Jesus Christ] . Wild, huh?

And, the book before that which I purchased as well, Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson is grrreat. I love it! Such an extensive resource. And, accurate. I'm always looking up angels :) One I've found fascinating, is Lilith. She's deemed to be a "bad angel," or fallen angel/demon spirit, if I may say. She's the [fallen] angel of Friday, who entices lust and ungodly thoughts/behaviors in individuals.

I've always discerned that something was up with Fridays, and have never enjoyed them. There's always a dark spiritual atmosphere/presence on Friday nights. I really hate it. But, then again I'm thankful because every Friday I feel a longing within me for God and His spirit. Like, even though it's "dark" out, I know God's Spirit is with me, \o/ So, a doubled-edged sword there. I'm glad I grabbed this book, lots to praise God for!!



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