Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Principles of a Godly Woman

via Joslyn Johnson

PRINCIPLES Pulled From Proverbs 31:

  • Trustworthy
  • Operates out of faithfulness
  • Comforts
  • Encourages
  • Does her husband good all the days of her life
  • Seeks out “seeds” that she can bring into development
  • Is a storehouse (Life well)
  • Uses wisdom before delving into new things
  • Willing to wake up before the sun rises to take care of necessary task
  • Provides and assigns necessary tasks
  • Plants when necessary
  • Equips self with strength (mental and physical for God given task)
  • Constantly focused, DESPITE circumstances
  • Develops gifts
  • Uses hands to serve
  • Doesn’t fear, understands needs are met by God
  • Trademarks of beauty can be found in every aspect of her life
  • Places high esteem on covering (always representing well)
  • Wears strength and dignity like clothing (strong, secure position)
  • Mouth skilled in godly wisdom
  • Tongue ruled by the law of kindness
  • Gives counsel and instruction
  • Pays attention to detail, making sure things are ran properly in household
  • Idleness IS NOT named among her
  • She does not lend any of her members to gossip, discontent or self pity
  • Blessed by offspring
  • Outer elegance and beauty doesn’t define her, but rather her reverent attitude towards God causes commending
  • Her works are proof of faithfulness