Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Names of GOD" by Laurell Hubick

"Names of GOD" by Laurell Hubick. I do not know if she still sings saving music, as I've seen a secular album by her. Enjoy this please, it is a special one.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Snow Photos!

We got really nice snow on Christmas night, and this is what it looked like in the morning. Isn't it pretty? We stay in NC and although snow is not impossible, eight inches is rare!

This is one of my favorite trees in our yard. She is so beautiful year-round; her leaves when they change colors ... from green, to yellow, to red ... to snow! I love watching her, she is a great delight.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pre-Christmas Eve Breakfast Pics!

This is before our annual trip to my sis' for the Christmas Eve breakfast! Hope you're enjoying this holiday!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Working Willingly #3

Working Willingly Button

So, a blog friend from way back created this neat blogger-thing where we list our tasks for the day and get working on them! I love resurrecting old blog traditions, lol. Last time I had one of these was March 2009. Hehehehehe.

This is typically for work at home "moms," regular people working from home who want to keep busy and keep their home in order, as well as homeschooling moms.

So today I'm doing,
  1. Wash the dishes
  2. Start a load or two of clothes for more work-at-home gear :):) hehehe!
  3. Iron my day-clothes
  4. Dust my bookcases/bookshelves
  1. Anoint my feet and paint toenails
  2. Wash my hair (tomorrow, lw)
  3. Errands at WM (lw, Thursday)
  4. Eat LUNCH! (yeah, this is work LOL)
  5. Write a very important post on a WAH opp.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reading ~ C.E. Orr

I am reading these free e-books on Amazon Kindle for PC and I am having such a lovely time. I began by typing these into Twitter, soon realizing most are too long for the 140 character limit, so I am transcribing them here. Consider this my little journey through these books. Like, a studying guide, per se. Typing them out helps me to realize them more and entices greater appreciation.

"How to Live a Holy Life" by C.E. Orr, this is one which peaked my interest. We should grow in our Lord in grace, amen. I will stay lowly and humble in our God. I do enjoy reading these [books] pleasurably. They are insurmountable regarding my hobbies and things that I partake in. I'm grateful that I am able to share in this. Most times I am just enamored by "the idea of reading" and "the idea of books." Like as in, a collector of books. A bibliophile. This is what I am proclaiming to be and have been since early this year. It's a pretty spiffy title. A book-gatherer. A sharer of thoughts, ideas and innovations. A good thing.

Too few, I fear, realize how important to our spiritual advancement is the cultivation of a taste for devotional reading. ~C.E. Orr

...those who have a taste for spiritual books and gratify that taste prosper in the Lord, while those who have no relish for such books labor at a great disadvantage. ~C.E. Orr

Spiritual reading invigorates the intellect, arms the affections, and begets in us a desire for more of God's fulness and for a more heavenly life. ~C.E. Orr
This here sentence has taken me for a loop. So very loaded with perfect things to sit upon. "Spiritual reading invigorates the intellect," AHH so very much so. Ohh it satisfies a deep thing within me. A deep spiritual thing within me, amen. YES, GOD is all I can say. Do you remember my post "Ugh" from August? That tiny phrase just written above is my full expression of the post "Ugh." Hmmm, spiritual reading ignites the senses, fulfills the minds wanderings and keeps us in tact. It's that godly mental stimulation that takes us to another level. That extra level that we need to remind of us our spiritual nature in Christ.
I really think speech is directly related to a higher knowledge, which is why I am so passionate about "all things holy" and "all things godly," speaking in tongues and intercession, Sign Language (ASL), all languages, reading and gaining a larger vocabulary. Everything is intertwined.

Holiness is the gateway to all of these perfect things. God will teach us a new language, He will give us a new word to sign, a word to speak in Hebrew and later reveal its meaning. Holiness is God's revelation to His people.


I'm in a photo-sharing mood!! Wahooo!! Here are some photos from the past few months.

These are the new eyeglasses I ordered. They have a green glare in 'em so I sent them back. They're really nice, no frame on the bottom and turquoise, and burgundy in color.

With my sis at the Smokie Norful and Israel & New Breed concert last month. Reaally nice, a great time.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Glory Day


Today is just one of those days. One of those days that makes you feel glad to be alive. Glad to know Jesus. Sincerest, I can only smile and relish in the glory days of our Lord.
God inspires his children to dream big about the future. Such inspiration comes from the Spirit who shows you what is to come (John 16:13). via Twitter
I was in my car just the other day and a song I hadn't heard in a while came upon the CD player. I tried not to weep in the car because everyone would see me in broad daylight crying behind the wheel. It was, "The Blood of Jesus." And I think, "God You are so right. So much could have happened to me. The reports on the news lately, all of the deadly happenings. Bless You GOD." I cry because I am protected. I cry because I know my God will not allow anything to happen to me. I cry because my total trust is in Him. His promise is embedded within me. Glory.