Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Working Willingly #3

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So, a blog friend from way back created this neat blogger-thing where we list our tasks for the day and get working on them! I love resurrecting old blog traditions, lol. Last time I had one of these was March 2009. Hehehehehe.

This is typically for work at home "moms," regular people working from home who want to keep busy and keep their home in order, as well as homeschooling moms.

So today I'm doing,
  1. Wash the dishes
  2. Start a load or two of clothes for more work-at-home gear :):) hehehe!
  3. Iron my day-clothes
  4. Dust my bookcases/bookshelves
  1. Anoint my feet and paint toenails
  2. Wash my hair (tomorrow, lw)
  3. Errands at WM (lw, Thursday)
  4. Eat LUNCH! (yeah, this is work LOL)
  5. Write a very important post on a WAH opp.

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