Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm in a photo-sharing mood!! Wahooo!! Here are some photos from the past few months.

These are the new eyeglasses I ordered. They have a green glare in 'em so I sent them back. They're really nice, no frame on the bottom and turquoise, and burgundy in color.

With my sis at the Smokie Norful and Israel & New Breed concert last month. Reaally nice, a great time.

There was another grl in this pic but I have cropped it. At the East Carolina Alumni breakfast in October.

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  1. very nice photos thanks for sharing.and thank you for following me on my blog may God bless you

  2. well dont you look nice wit!!! hope things are going well for you!!! one day I will call lol hehe he I know I been saying that for years lol


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