Saturday, September 26, 2009

Russian Tea: Taste Love

Russian Tea has a very seasonal and delicate taste. To me, it's a special kind of tea... one that is enjoyed only during the Fall and Wintry months. I'm a big coffee-buff, so instead of having coffee in the evening because of the caffeine, I can enjoy a nice big cup of Russian Tea.

Rainy day outdoors. Chilly indeed. I tasted it for the first time since last year... the Russian Tea, this evening-- the mixture of all of the ingredients before they hit the hot water and ohhh the immediate thought that came to mind was "love."

YES, the Russian Tea tastes like LOVE. LOL. Extreme, nahh. Besides the fact that it's a warm beverage, the taste is so intricate, delectable and good memories come flooding in. Nothing in particular, just the IDEA and the THOUGHT of the cold-season weather.

Sip some of this warm drink and bask in the homemade goodness of LOVE!

Russian Tea

2 Cups Tang
1 Cup Instant Tea [I used Lipton Iced-Tea Mix]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Tidbit on Fraternities and Sororities

Re: Is being in a fraternity or sorority against Christianity?!?

Originally Posted by (member of
My dad said the same exact thing to me once he found out I joined a sorority. And I believe he is right.I think that's what most Christian sorority members ignore in these type of discussions...the secrecy part. To say the org is built on Christian values but still have members take an oath of secrecy is...I don't know....I've stopped being active in my sorority until I can figure certain things out.

Originally Posted by me in reply to member on forum
(Glory to GOD)

Here's my current booklist; I plan on getting each book one day or another. I recommend the same for you and anyone else who is seeking clarification on these organizations:
  • "Greek-Letter Organizations: Offspring of Abomination" book by Gail Gray
  • "Coming Apart at the Seams" book by Minister Fred Hatchett
  • "The Truth Behind Hip Hop" book by G. Craige Lewis
  • "Captain of My Soul: A Memoir" book by Whitney Gracia Williams

Gail Gray is an ex-Alpha Kappa Alpha, Fred is an ex-Omega Psi Phi, and I have a friend who is an ex-Kappa Alpha Psi. On Fred's forum/discussion board (see link at end) there are several testimonies of those who have left Alpha Phi Alpha. My sister is a Delta Sigma Theta, but I'm believing GOD for her renunciation. If you ever need any help finding these books, or need someone to talk to about everything we've been discussing on this board, please don't hesitate to send me a PM or something. I know our LORD Jesus will give you revelation from the words written in these testimonies.

Throughout her testimony, Gail mentions whether or not "people came after her" after she denounced, etc and how God had her personally pack up and move like Abraham. She also mentions how people leave their organization because they have a conviction in their spirit that they cannot ignore (literally cannot ignore)... this is called an unction from the Holy Spirit.

One thing Gail mentions in her podcast that is crucial in understanding God's will for His people getting out of these organizations and NOT joining these organizations is: "the will of the FLESH" vs. "the will of GOD." The will of the flesh is powerful. She said that she willed it in her flesh for her to be a member of AKA. And to be careful because people will say "I prayed to the LORD, and that was my answer." (I actually knew an Alpha who told me this, God forgive him and LORD help us get into YOUR will, and OUT of our own).

Luke 22:42 says
42Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

Gail encourages us to sincerely and in honesty pray in our hearts the prayer above that JESUS prayed, when asking the LORD Jesus about joining these organizations. All of the fraternities and sororities associate themselves (oaths of allegiance/secrecy or both) with a pagan/false god whether covertly or overtly (she also explains why they say they don't "worship" the god, but if you confess it with your mouth through the oaths, it becomes your god whether or not you bow down to it every day). It's a deadly spiritual bond/yoke.

If we let our own fleshly will go, we won't get caught up in these organizations which are displeasing to God our Father because it is not in His heavenly, holy and righteous will.

Listen to her podcast/TESTIMONY once, twice, three times... as many times as necessary; take notes. I've heard it at least seven times and I thank GOD for the undeniable truth in it (see link at end for Gail’s Testimony) Don't forget your other resources including your Bible.

I say, don't stop seeking the truth. The LORD Jesus will HONOR your search if your whole heart is in it. God keep you sis and I pray your strength and the strength of those reading this, and your personal continuing desire to please a HOLY GOD.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Gail's Testimony (click the link)
Fred's Forum/Discussion Board (click the link)

Mark 1:14-15 says
14Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, 15And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

Colossians 2:8
8Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

The above is the end of my reply. This issue is not new to me, but I enjoy revisiting it at times and helping others realize the severity of sororities and fraternities and its detrimental effects on the spiritual-man. I thank GOD for the truth revealed throughout the testimonies and I hope you have learned something as well in order to make an educated and informed decision to NOT join or to get OUT.

God keep you, beloved,

Added 9/24/2009

A young woman on sent me a testimony of her experience. PRAISE GOD for her!!

Originally Sent by (member of
Last year I went through a process and dropped right before the end because it did not sit well with me at all. I couldn't shake the thoughts and the feelings I had about it. Now looking back I'm glad I did. It was a conviction for ME. I was very clear as to why I dropped and it did create some serious tension but now everything is back to 'normal' as far as my relations with the other women and my would have been line sisters. Please pray if you are considering joining a sorority. There are things that don't tell you until you join. it's not as friendly and innocent as it seems.

Originally Sent by me in reply to member on forum
Hey there,

Thank you so much for your testimony!!! That is so awesome and I thank GOD for you! That's so wonderful! If you ever see any girls struggling to make a decision, please allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into ministering to them about how it's against God's will. This is so important, as many people are suffering today as a result of a decision they made in college to pledge. Again, thank you so much! I'll be sure to share your testimony with others (I won't include your name if that's ok). How glorious is our GOD!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Look!

Is it Fall yet?

lol. I adore this new background. It's by far the boldest look we've had so far. I think I can live with it, how about you? I really do like it. We had the orange and blue background for 5 months...... 5 months! I fell in love with that one and I will miss it. But, as the seasons change, so must we.

This new background is not from our normal distributor, The Cutest Blog on the Block. THIS one is from Hot Bliggity Blog. They have some GORGEOUS... and I mean GORGEOUS backgrounds and I'm so glad I found them through Google.

Very VERY happy!,

Past Looks:

April 2009

March 2009

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ready for Fall!

So, right now I'm baking cookies.

Not just ANY cookies, THESE cookies are by Pillsbury...
but, not only that, they're called "Pillsbury Simply Cookies."


I'm a Media Studies graduate and this packaging completely and utterly appeals to me. I absolutely adore it. It's just as the title says "Simple(ly)." How yummy. Such a simple design and layout and ohhh how I love the ellipsis at the end, (the dot, dot, dot ...) and the white packaging. This stuff matters. I actually bought these cookies because the packaging itself looks so yummy! LOL.

Ready for Fall
Baking and shopping are such usual activities, but around this time baking and shopping make me think of the fall weather and the seasons changing. It's a new time of year, literally a new season. Season of life, season as it relates to my walk with Christ-- EVERYTHING.

...and, the holidays! Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Ohhh the smile on my face. The food, family time and all that joy; I love it. Hmm, and if these cookies are what I hope them to be, they'll be a lot of baking going on too!


p.s. Don't forget the milk!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Songday #3

Listening to this song on iTunes inspired me to do a "Saturday Songday" post. I haven't written a "Saturday Songday" since March. Feels good. Must give honor and GLORY to GOD ALWAYS.

"Um Good" by Smokie Norful

Umm You've been good
If I never own a mansion
Way out on the hill
I'll never see riches, Lord I'll serve You still
If I lose all my possessions
And my health begins to fail
I can still say You've been good

If I wake up on tomorrow
Find that all of my love ones are gone
Look around and see that my friends are few
I'll still keep holding on
If I call and there's no answer
In the midst of my despair
I can still say Lord You've been good

You've been good oh yeah
Good, umm good (choir)
So as long as I live I'll tell the world God is good yeah oh
Good, umm good (choir)
I'm so glad to say right now
God is good (choir)

If I never visit Paris and enjoy that midday sun
If I never sail the seven seas oh
Before my work down here is done, oh
If I never see the ruins
Of that city that they call ancient Rome
I'm not worried because I can still say God I know that You, You've been good
Lord You've been good
Yes Jesus
Good, umm good (choir)
As long as long as long as I live I'm going to tell the world that God is good
Lord You've been good (choir)
Good, umm good (choir)
God is good

Good, umm good
Lord You've been good
Good, umm good
So glad to say, God is
So glad to say, God is
So glad to say, God is

You are a Father, Jesus
You are a Mother, Jesus
So glad to say, God is (choir)
You're everything that I need when I need it
So glad to say, God is (choir)

You're El Shaddai, Elohim
You've been real good
Yes Jesus, Ohhhh
I don't have to ask nobody
So glad to say, God is (choir)
You've been real good to me

I'm glad I can say, God
Ohhhh You've been

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Bike Riding

Game time! lol... well, not really. But I feel like it is at times when I'm preparing for riding. Game-face on, I have my hair pulled back, a T-shirt, some Bermuda sweats and my dingy sneakers.

My bike rides are happily pleasant. I don't workout or go biking often but when I do, I enjoy it immensely. My aspiration is to make it a regular activity. Not just one I do on weekends.

Last time I went walking, it was a 10 minute walk to and from (20 minutes altogether), which was nice. So, imagine a 5 minute bike ride to and 5 minutes riding back. Not bad, and not too long. But, I would like to bike longer as soon as I can build up more strength in my joints and muscles.

It's nothing really, just the common "I haven't biked in a while-type aches." :) Specifically for me, my joints, mainly my knees...... I might just need a bigger age-appropriate bike, LOL. This is the one I have had since I was about 11:

She's small, and thin too... lol! ...but, definitely in good shape! :) :) Ahh maybe one day I will invest in a new one, but for now she's all I have and I can live with that.

I-Pod shuffle handy, I was ready to ride.
I drove hard, panted and could barely make it up the slight tread-mill like climb on the way back. It was good for my heart, my body and my spirit. I experienced the wind in my face, the bumps in the pavement, God's beautiful creation... how beautiful is He.

Looking forward to the next bike ride. In the meantime, I'm considering investing in a tread-mill so I can walk and run any time. Good game plan, huh?

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