Thursday, March 31, 2011

Status Update #8: Hello!

Hey y'all. Anybody out there? Just thinking of you all a bit :) Hope everything is well. Just checking in. Things are sweet here. Lots of wonderful things. So glad, I bless You. It is about that season again. Blogging season :D I have noticed a pattern. Blogging begins early March til early Fall. Winter is more quiet around here. So, Lord willing I will be sticking around a lot more. Bless you and I love you.

a few fun pics:

march 2011. at the library with sweetpea.

march 2011. waiting on sweetpea so we could go on our walk around the neighborhood.

february 2011 :) the day i met sweetpea.. :)

my modest workdesk. i took this today. mildly dark, but you can see it. it matches; i hadn't even noticed! promise this wasn't staged, hahah! funn!! my new baby. not sure if you remember my other girl (flower/plant/mini rose), but she was bright pink. this one is yellow. she has brightened up my workdesk. i am already enjoying her :) alot.

I may have some good news soon. :)

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Tye Tribbett's "Chasing After You"
Tye Tribbett's "Bless the LORD/Son of Man"

fresh twitter. cllleeeaaan. @allthingsgodly

reeeally enjoying the black and yellow right now. @Child0fGod


Thursday, March 24, 2011

A closer walk: A Thousand Words Thursday #12

Cheaper Than Therapy

A closer walk with you abba. Every day of my life I miss you.

Free to worship. Put a sheet over my face and let me dwell. With you on high.

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"Thirsty," Marvin Sapp

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"My heart is fixed, no room, no vacancies!"

This is the first time I'm hearing this song!! I looked it up after hearing it for a sec on the radio here. I have heard the church sing it once before. Turn this waaay UP, it sounds GOOOOD!