Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bike Riding

Game time! lol... well, not really. But I feel like it is at times when I'm preparing for riding. Game-face on, I have my hair pulled back, a T-shirt, some Bermuda sweats and my dingy sneakers.

My bike rides are happily pleasant. I don't workout or go biking often but when I do, I enjoy it immensely. My aspiration is to make it a regular activity. Not just one I do on weekends.

Last time I went walking, it was a 10 minute walk to and from (20 minutes altogether), which was nice. So, imagine a 5 minute bike ride to and 5 minutes riding back. Not bad, and not too long. But, I would like to bike longer as soon as I can build up more strength in my joints and muscles.

It's nothing really, just the common "I haven't biked in a while-type aches." :) Specifically for me, my joints, mainly my knees...... I might just need a bigger age-appropriate bike, LOL. This is the one I have had since I was about 11:

She's small, and thin too... lol! ...but, definitely in good shape! :) :) Ahh maybe one day I will invest in a new one, but for now she's all I have and I can live with that.

I-Pod shuffle handy, I was ready to ride.
I drove hard, panted and could barely make it up the slight tread-mill like climb on the way back. It was good for my heart, my body and my spirit. I experienced the wind in my face, the bumps in the pavement, God's beautiful creation... how beautiful is He.

Looking forward to the next bike ride. In the meantime, I'm considering investing in a tread-mill so I can walk and run any time. Good game plan, huh?

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