Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Was watching this video series on YouTube called,


Really great teaching, by the way. Gonna finish it up soon [the series] , LORD willing.

Near the end of part two, I instinctively put my head down in my palm and said "Doh!" As in, "DUH! lol, that's so easy!" So simple-- no one can figure it out.

And, me and my heart for sign language, looked up the sign for "dumb" on, and there ya have it-- the sign for "dumb" is similar to the one I naturally signed after watching part two of the teaching lesson above!

And, have you seen 5:15 - 6:35 of the video? I made a comment on YouTube, something like "LORD, how I adore You, wowwwwww. I'm dumb-stricken."


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  1. BRAD SCOTT!!! This is an awesome dude. :) I love that you posted this. He should be here (Athens, GA) in November, you should come! :P Blessings girl.


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