Friday, March 5, 2010


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Hey y'all.

I was to be blogging about some other things this weekend, and still plan too, LORD willing.... I hope. But, something else I've been thinking about. Kind of off the radar. I don't really blog about too many personal things on here, unless it's about like baking, couponing or other casual happenings. This is mainly a devotional blog.

On the other hand, I'd consider this blog post to be concerning "a devotional-thing," because I hope for God to work with me more on my character and developing a more comely attitude.

So, here goes. [I'm sorry if you're not familiar with Twitter; that website is mainly what I am blogging about this evening. If you're not familiar with it, that's ok. My hope is that you get something from this as well. Please leave me a note if so desired and I'll reply, LORD willing].

Now that I've gotten the disclaimer out of the way-- hehe!

The Run-Down,
I have two Twitter accounts, one devotional and one casual. On my devotional Twitter, my purpose and objective is fairly certain. I only update that one with Bible scriptures, strictly "God-material," if I may say, and what ever it may be that I feel led to tweet. My other Twitter has all godly material as well [surely]. It's just less devotional--- how's that sound? Twitter is social networking. In tandem, I prefer to have two accounts; everyone wants an account where they can just tweet something like the latest on my casual Twitter: "Blogging and enjoying some hot cereal. Cream of Wheat is one of my tastiest childhood memories!," yet still be taken seriously as a God-fearing woman.
...that's where the separate Twitter accounts come in: Whitney, the disciple of CHRIST, who in real-life, is non-compromising when it comes to decisions, choices and every day life. AND, the chill-Whitney who tweets the everyday tweets and @ tweets, my other endeavors/interests: couponing, my books/reading, entrepreneurships/ventures, thoughts, concerns, observances, whatever it may be-- all of which is a part of who I am. For me, it works. Well.

The Meat,
I need help in understanding this one thing that always leaves me scratching my head.

I follow someone --> they follow me. Someone follows me --> I follow them.

[For non-Tweets (if you're not onTwitter), this means that there is reciprocity between the two Tweets. We have something in common, we can DIRECT MESSAGE one another! Non-Tweets: without this feature you can only talk to someone on open-air. Think Facebook! If you delete me as a friend, that's it! I can no longer send you a direct message. Same applies here].

I've "known you" for x-amount of months [on Twitter]; we've exchanged some good tweets! Even casual tweets/funny tweets! [And, this is on my NON-casual Twitter, mind you :)].

Later, I see my follower-count drop by one, two. When noticed, I proceed to checking because it's like losing a friend on Facebook to me, right.

I see exactly who is no longer following me, and it's the people who I've chatted with on several occasions! They're like family!

What happened!
What happened??

I reaeally loathe stuff like this, because it breeeeeds doubt. It's hurtful, almost. It's important enough [important enough to me], that I chose to blog about it. And.......... I blogged about it on my devotional blog. ....Do you see where this is going, friend?

I care! I really do care!

Is it that-- the person who unfollowed me is insecure in some way? [Lack of validation? Affirmation?] I don't understand. I want to understand. What would cause someone to deliberately (consciously, purposely, knowingly, intentionally) unfollow a friend in Christ? [LORD God, help me to not stress out too much over this. This is my prayer!]

I'm concerned!! I love y'all, man!,
Best in Christ,


  1. I haven't been on twitter long and I don't do it on a personal basis, mainly as an outreach thing, therefore consider that as I refer to Jesus words, "will ye also go away?"
    Jesus said this of His disciples that is true, but He called His disciples His friends (right before they all forsook Him), but I think it is important to keep a certain perspective. Yes, it hurts us, yes we want to retain all and add to, but we must not allow that to cause us to be cast down or affect our spirit.

    What am I saying? Keep your head up... friends come and friends go, but God is faithful who hath said, I'll never leave you nor forsake you.

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    If I've posted this to your blog before
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    God Bless You

  3. Thank you, friends in Christ for your insights. I truly appreciate that. I try to leave comments on blogs I come across if the subject matter is relevant or if I think someone can be blessed by it. So, again thank you because you have blessed me.

    "He called His disciples His friends (right before they all forsook Him)" ...LORD bless you for that!!! Sooo true! Never saw it that way! This makes me smile and just brings to light how so very well God knows all! ALL!



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