Monday, June 15, 2009


To know God is to know life.
To miss God is to miss your soul.

I just want to be right with God, always. I hate looking back, I hate disobedience. I hate being in this fleshly body at times, when all it wants to do is go against God's precious will.

I couldn't run from God if I tried.

I'm just hoping to stay back on track. Backsliding is never fun... well, it can be fun but only for a moment. And, as the Bible tells us, enjoying the pleasures for a season are not great gain. Something to that extent.

I love my God so much. My soul loves Jesus. My heart cannot deny the new life that He has given me which instructs me to live as though. There is no good thing within me.

The time is now.

There's a peace about God that is unmistakable.
People can't make you happy. And if they do, they can't keep you happy. God gives tangible joy... joy overflowing. That's what I want, have and hope to never lose... and, hope to never give away or give up.

Jesus I want to live for you now and always.

Help my impatience.
Help my ungratefulness.
Help my disobedience.

Keep me God.
Keep me pure.
Keep me holy.
Keep my heart.

I'm in this thing for life, God. My heart is committed to You.

In Jesus' name. Amen.


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