Saturday, July 3, 2010


All photos taken with a Kodak 12MP Digital Camera

Haha. Those two middle photos were goofy. My sister insisted that she take them.


  1. You're adorable in all these pictures, but, like your sister, I like the middle two shots, too, because it looks like you're reading, writing, or studying in some way. Were you journaling? It looks like you've got a book or Bible bookmarked with *another* book.

    That looks like a perfect day at the beach! A book (or two), some sun and shade, a sibling, and blue, blue sky over the water.

  2. I love it how you are cheesing in your pics.... you just look like u had a great time sis......

  3. hopped over to ann's blog and left this comment:

    this is a fun-read. i love how you photoblogged it. thanks so much for stopping by my blog ann, and leaving a comment! it was a delight to read, lol! yes that was a journal smushed between my bible. journaling is my favorite!!! >>

    i want to do some real photo-blogging! [that was my sis' camera!]. cannot wait until i get a camera like you have here.



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