Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quieting myself this day

Quieting myself this day. Grieve not the Holy Spirit: I'd be in a pile of tears from allowing oppression to come in. You have godly sorrow [worship and/or prayer] and then you have oppressive tears [hindrance/confusion].

When tension is in the house, you just want to break free. A stretchy substance that pulls you from right to left. A physiological happening begins in your body; a tightening. They almost want to bop you over the head for binding them. This is the image I got when I bound tension.

Lord God help us not grieve You [not handling things when they arise, not doing all that we need to do in You]. Keep us purified, washed through and through that we may hear from You.


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  1. Excellent posting I totally understand about being still and being in His presence..sometimes our lives can be so busy that we just have to run and find a place and be with the Lord


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