Monday, July 4, 2011

Are Unlearned Women More Attractive?

Hey guys! How's everyone! What a great summer this has been so far. Really enjoying myself.

So I have this little philosophy that I wanted to blog about. For some reason or another, I feel like a saved man thinks he can train an unlearned woman. As long as she looks good. A woman who doesn't look good can be learned, but if she's unattractive, she more than likely doesn't have a man or will have a hard time getting one. Plainly: She can be learned and still not have a man because of her looks.

I've seen this in my friendships and even in my own relationship with my sweetheart. For example, I'm still in the learning phase of cooking, but because I am attractive, my fiance can wait. Yet, if I was unattractive and couldn't cook, it would be a different story.

As for the other relationships that I have peeked in on, one girl wasn't saved yet, or where she should be in her spiritual walk as compared to the guy who wanted to talk to her; but because she was cute and looked good, he went for her anyway (that's a problem and may be an extreme annotation).

Yet, I can count four times where I have noticed this. It is somewhat strange to me, although I do know that men are drawn by sight.

What are your thoughts? Will a man talk to a woman who is unlearned just because she looks good?


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