Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Family & Faith Blog

Hello dear friends and lovers of God!,

Bless God for today and bless God for all of you!! As you all know, Lord willing, I am set to be wed on March 10, 2012! Continue to pray for me, and ask the Lord to make everything beautiful and all right! I did want to share my new family-and-faith themed blog that I have began on the Wordpress platform.

I will not be getting rid of this blog, as this is my 100% Jesus-centered blog that I will not be adding to or taking away from, amen! Our new family-and-faith blog is found at: Here I'm blogging about my beloved and I, and our life as newlyweds (home, family, faith, & more). We're blessed!! Join us over there and continue to pray our strength, we love you!!

God's Best

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  1. Hi Whitney,
    It's been a while since I've been around. Just wanted to stop by and send blessings to both you and Daniel. I saw your new blog, too. WordPress! Hey hey, good for you!


May the Lord bless you. And, please leave a link to your blog as well so that I can stop by and visit! ;)