Wednesday, November 5, 2014

God's Still, Small VOICE

Hi My Friends-

Here I am.  It has been almost two years since I have blogged on this particular blog.  God seems to be moving me in directions that I never would have imagined.  I have left the blogging world- but I have not left my Jesus' side.  I am still very much saved, sanctified and filled with his precious Holy Spirit.  I came to blog on this particular blog today because it seems as though I blog in "seasons." It is usually fall or winter when I blog.  Also-  my other blog is a marriage/daily life blog.  This one is a devotional blog, dedicated completely, wholeheartedly and 100% to my Lord.  There are no fillers here.

God is still very much real in my life.  It seems like He comes down from Heaven just for me. Just for me.  This past week I was in the grocery store and I had a strong urge (unction) to offer to help pay for a customer's groceries in front of me in line at Wal-Mart.   It appeared as though they were EBT cardholders.  Their card had just been declined and I saw them fumbling with their wallets to find another payment to use. I glanced over at the wall and saw the words "every second counts."  I knew this was the Lord speaking to me and letting me know that every moment that I have is precious and matters--it counts toward heaven. Amen.  I did not offer to pay for that couples' groceries, admittedly (LORD have mercy on me).


A few days later- I received an unexpected check in the mail and I praised the Lord for it because it was a blessing that I had no knowledge of.  After getting this check, I still had a very strong urge to "GIVE."  The next day I told family and friends (on Facebook) of God's blessing toward me and praised His holy name.  I said that I felt like BLESSING somebody, and the first person to send me their mailing address would get a twenty dollar check from me.  God showed up once again and a few hours later, someone wrote on my status:

"Thank you for that unexpected check anointing Whitney. Lol I read your status and said I need one of those. An hour later my neighbor calls me and tells me to check my mail. And there was my unexpected check! Thank you Jesus!"

This testimony was not only for the woman who wrote me to tell of it- but for OTHERS to see the faithfulness, fullness and richness of the Lord.  Somebody saw her testimony and was BLESSED. Blessed in their spirit and blessed in their soul- and two were blessed in their natural life, receiving checks of their own (the one I presented and the one I received a testimony concerning).  I thank God because someone's faith has been increased, somebody's praise has been made just a bit greater, somebody saw the goodness of the Lord.  Hallelujah!!

I love you, brothers and sisters.  Stay faithful, always abounding in the work of our Lord (I Corinthians 15:58).  Never forget that still, small voice- the Holy Spirit who still wants to work in you and through you.

(Blessed to be a Blessing),

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