Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Alright saints, please excuse this post (or not?), but I must have somewhere to log my favorited tweets from Twitter. And, this is a blog so it only seems proper. "Blog" ..."log." Get that? I think that's it's purpose, si?

Tweeting is fun, but if you don't learn anything or don't have anything to look back on later, or to reference;... not to say that your work is in vain...? Twitter is a type of ministry for me, and so is this blog-- each of which glorify our Father! Thank You, Lord!

Will be updating this frequently. To view in a different window and toggle between the two, hold down the "Ctrl" button, and click the image.

Love you guys.

In Christ,
All honor and glory to Jesus,


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  1. Hey,

    Found you on Twitter. You blog is pimp.



May the Lord bless you. And, please leave a link to your blog as well so that I can stop by and visit! ;)