Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Fireside" Thanksgiving

Went out with mom and sis this evening and I had my eyes set on Bath & Body Works. lol. I was interested in purchasing the Fall scents [Pecan Pie, etc] and any other similar items that may have been on discount. They didn't have those. Bummer.

Soooo, browsed around and found "Fireside" by Slatkin & Co. Phenomenal scent! Pick this up next time you're in there! I also bought "Gingerbread" scented lotion, which smells JUST like Pecan Pie Fall scent from last year! They totally just re-packaged it and gave it a new name, lol.

Anywho. I signed up for Bath & Body Works text messages a while back and received one the other day: spend $25, get 20% off entire purchase, until 12/14. YAHOO!! I did this deal and I'm so happy I did... love my Gingerbread lotion and Fireside candle!

Here is the family for this years Thanksgiving [Ctrl + click to see larger photo!];
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