Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Beacon of Light

It's like, do you know what a beacon of light is? It is an angel. Why do you think people use light for healing powers? They are manipulating the energy in the atmosphere for their own benefit. It is counterfeit.


I say that people are outrageous because [this was the title of this post, but I have modified it for the sake of the sensitive], I was watching the guiding angels segment on the old Discovery Health Channel (new Oprah Winfrey Network) and they had this story where the outline of an angel appeared in the doorway of this little girls hospital room who was about to be taken off life support. The cameras captured the image. The trick to this show is that there was one skeptic, and one believer who were the main constituents of this television program. The girl was a scientist who was set on proving her hypothesis, so they had a professional video expert come in and re-create the image of the light that was captured on the camera.

[actual image from camera; screenshot. photo courtesy of the OWN Network]

They said it was sun light that radiated on the door in the shape of what most would call an angel. The problem? WHAT DO YOU THINK AN ANGEL IS? They are pops of light; they are beacons of light. They are celestial creatures in the heavenlies that occupy our atmospheric realm. What do you think a star is? What do you think a constellation is? They are the same thing, and they cannot be found out. Let not yourself be fooled by vain philosophies [Colossians 2:8]; this girl is one person--one person who set out to prove something for her own benefit.

Fear not,
GOD is with us.

Bestest in Christ,