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How Christians should pray for the sick

How Christians should pray for the sick

by Karla Perry

Magic words are not to be found when seeking how to pray for the sick. Looking at the life of Jesus we see many ways He released healing for there was no model that fit all people. Just the same, we should not seek to employ a model prayer or methodology when praying for the sick. In fact, Jesus seldom, if ever, “prayed for the sick.” He simply made them well by speaking words of life.

We must remember that Jesus modeled the Christian life for us showing us what is possible when we live from His reality of intimacy with the Father. Jesus was certainly God, but Philippians 2 tells us that He gave up the equality with God to be made as man for us. His identity did not change, He was fully man and fully God, but for a while He lived as a man rightly related to God showing us who we are. Therefore, when someone needs healing we do as Jesus does, not as He did, but as He is doing.

We do not have to look up the Scripture and copy what Jesus did when He healed a blind mind, placing mud and spit in his eyes. However, we do need to do as Jesus is doing when we stand before a blind man. Maybe He is showing us to put our hands on his eyes, or maybe He is simply saying “see” or “be healed” or “eyes open.” His authority is in us when we are walking in His Kingdom which is our true abode.

Sometimes, we release breath, or lay hands upon the afflicted area where appropriate. Other times, we speak forth a release of healing telling bones to come into alignment, a new kidney to grow, a heart to pump normally, a back to straighten, or lungs to breathe. We may see a picture of something God wants us to do that may be pretty strange like when Jesus used mud and spit. It is also possible that God will reveal that there is an afflicting spirit that needs to leave.

Healing does not always happen instantly. It could begin and take a several days to complete. There is no normal standard for how it works. It does not always happen. While we can do the things Jesus did and greater, we are still learning and we have to face the times when people do not get healed completely or at all.

The important thing is not to make doctrines concerning our lack of power. Never should we blame the sick person. Just because Jesus told some “your faith has made you well” does not mean that a person is sick because they did not have enough faith. A dead person has no faith, and yet there are many account of a dead man coming to life.

One thing you can be sure of, if you don’t “pray” for people to get healed you won’t ever see anyone get healed. But you will start seeing healings take place if you step out and pray for that healing. Again, “pray” is a term overly utilized by Christians. Its prayer in a sense, but really it’s releasing His power that is resonating in you because of His Spirit flowing through you. Simply tell the blind eyes to open or tell the pain to leave the backache. Jesus gives us that authority to release healing, exercise that authority and watch what He does.

Talk about being a mouthpiece for God!!!! I felt God all upon this. Please print and share, there is a link below. The bolded points are what I really felt speaking to me the most.

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