Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reading ~ Rene Noorbergen

"Charismatic’s two leading components, speaking in tongues and faith healing, are largely responsible for this, and even such major secular publications as Time and Life have recognized the relentless force of these two elements." ~

I never had any idea that this is what the "Charismatic" denomination was and is, although you probably could infer its meaning from just the definition of this word alone. Now in our political age, we see "Charismatic" as "our president," Martin Luther King Jr, or some similar figure who speaks smooth and convincing words. Never did I realize there was a "Charismatic" denomination ... I did not look at it intently any way. I would see the option, like on a check-box or something, but never did I know what it implied.

Very good to know that Charismatic denomination's two main components are speaking in tongues and faith healing. This may be cause for fear, however, because charismatics (not "charismatics" as in "people," but the act of charisma-- CHARISMATICS) do seem like they would involve irrational, unlikely, and non-conventional doings. Hm. Daunting. Yet, this is what I am passionate about; my new-found word thanks to this book-- "faith healing," miracles, laying of hands, LANGUAGE. So we have Pentecostal/Holiness, Apostolic ... and now "Charismatic."

It seems like much of what we should be reading, and much of what we should know is lost in books. Lost in books in that no one is reading them, no one is passing the information along. If you do not read the books, the information will remain hidden. Tonight I learned a new word, "GLOSSOLALIA." This is pretty much a code-word for THE ACT OF SPEAKING IN TONGUES. ... ahem, an "academic term." It comes from the Greek for "tongue speaking." So I began my search for books on glossolalia. Call me a conspiracist, but everything is hidden. How do we know what to search for if we don't search it out?

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