Thursday, January 22, 2009

And it is so!

So, I've been taking surveys online for extra cash for a few months now and I cashed in on my first check like last week and it arrived in the mail today!! $20 and YEAH I was excited. I'm smiling now, hehe! ...someone is probably thinking, "$20???" lol, I'm grateful because in every way no matter how big or "small," the Lord provides.

I actually ENJOY taking the surveys, not because of the money necessarily (yet, that is a perk), but moreso because I'm a media studies nerd/graduate and it's my thing! Giving opinions on new products is fun, fun, fun so why not get paid for it-- besides, I'm usually already surfing the web when I get survey offers from Opinion Outpost; so it's fun and convenient ;)

Anywho, I told myself that I really wanted to get out to church this week because I need to be in the presence of God and surrounded by the saints of God. The Lord had put it on my heart and I knew I probably didn't have enough gas to make it to church because it's a 30 minute ride! ...I knew He would provide, I just wasn't sure how... and, this $20 check sure does cover the price and then some! lol, God is awesome and I'm looking forward to heading to the sanctuary this Sunday, Lord willing.

Thanks for reading & God bless,

Mark 1:14-15.

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