Thursday, January 22, 2009


LOL, this is hilarious. The day I decide to set up my brand new blog, Tyra Banks has a show about Internet-obsessed people called “The Internet Has Taken Over My Life.” It’s super hilarious because I can relate... well on a lesser scale anyway. It’s funny while I’m watching it, but when I think about it more, it really isn’t as funny because I would neglect my other activities and responsibilities. At the time I was a student, so that made it even harder to focus on daily tasks. It’s kind of comforting to know that I wasn’t the only person having the same issue with Facebook; yet it’s also sad because other young adults have struggled with their Internet obsession as well... but, thank God for JESUS!

That Candace girl sounds just like me (except the checking-Facebook-at-church bit). It’s funny how I’m typing this up as I’m watching it. I actually had to disable my Facebook account in 2007 because I was so addicted... that was my little vacation, or tech-cation as Tyra calls it, from Facebook. I remember in my early walk with God, He was pruning me and purging things from my life and Facebook was one of the things He cut out. I remember being without Facebook for at least six months or more. It was exciting, if you can believe that. Like, I didn’t even miss it. I was able to spend quiet one-on-one intimate time with God and that was an era in my life I will never forget.

God spoke to me oftentimes while I was on my “fast” from Facebook. Missing God is a very distinct feeling that I don’t enjoy having. And, because I didn’t have that particular distraction in my life, His voice was much clearer. I remember Him waking me up in the middle of the night with people on my heart who I knew I needed to pray for... glory to God is all I can say... He's awesome and He speaks to His children. Thank You, Jesus.

After being without Facebook for a while, I got back on for like another semester during school without God’s permission; Lord forgive me... and now I’ve been off of Facebook since Thanksgiving 2008 [around about the same time I joined; which is fascinating enough in itself :)], so I’ve been off for two months... and I have my joy back. I thank God for His mercy. The change (leaving Facebook) was for a reason and I'm seeing the fruits of it in my walk with Him. Thank You, Jesus. Lord, help me to not set up idols. I thank You for convicting me and prompting me to tear them down; anything that may seemingly take precedence over You as Lord of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen. This is my prayer.

Mark 1:14-15.

Update/Praise Report: The Lord granted me the spiritual and heavenly gift of speaking in tongues, as granted by the Holy Ghost, in February of this year for obeying God in casting down my idols. How glorious is our God? Thank You Jesus.

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  1. October 5, 2009
    Update/Praise Report:

    Today I sent my testimony of me leaving Facebook to a young man I knew FROM Facebook... He just sent me this message on Twitter after I was led to his page (small world, huh?) Praise God.

    "hey I just wanted to tell you that you really confirmed some stuff that God has been dealing with me on.... I believe I will be leaving facebook for good... I left for a while like last year then came back.... I think I am leaving for good this time."

    Wonderful Savior. Facebook/Twitter/Blogging, whatever it is that we love so much-- can become and IDOL in our lives. God tells us not to have anyone or anything above Him! If you feel convicted in your spirit to leave these things behind, I thank the LORD JESUS CHRIST for your obedience! God keep you, beloved and those seeking to please Christ through sacrifice and obedience.

    Yes, Jesus.
    Others, lift him in prayer.
    God keep him.

    Hellelujah, Lord.

  2. So I was looking at your blog and webpage and came across this. I remember like it was yesterday. I actually went back on and then just recently got off because things went from bad to worse. Just like u said so many things we can put as idols and not even know it. I have never felt so free then I do now. Keep reppin God sis..... and keep in touch!!!


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