Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Did It, Lord! :D

Yep. That's me... well, a little over one month ago anyhoo. I GRADUATED!!!! Ecstatic, I was, can't you tell? Grateful for having completed four and one half long years of college at two universities, we're outta here! Up, up and away we drift into the land of adulthood. Wow, it's been such a pleasant journey, God leading me and all.

I'm smiling just typing this because at times I cannot even fathom the thought and reality of me no longer being in school! From pre-school to college, we're in school our entire lives... ahh, how exhilarating to be FREE from the cares of school-related whatnots: homework, group projects, presentations, 8 o'clock classes, library study sessions... no more! Oh the freedom.

As excited as I am to have completed the college requirements for graduation, I genuinely have strong aspirations to attend Divinity School/Christian College to obtain my Master's... in what subject you may ask? Well, I gotta ask God about that one.

As Lord of my life, He leads me and I just gotta sit back and allow Him to take the reins! I thank God for being with me throughout my college days. From having transferred from one school while studying there for two years, to getting accepted ever-so graciously into the second school after the second attempt (very humbling experience, might I add), having switched my major from Journalism to Criminal Justice to Business Administration, then back to my initial passion: Journalism/Communication, I was able to obtain my very-anticipated Bachelor's of Science degree in Communication with a concentration in Media Studies and a double major in Religious Studies; after four and one half years of college curricula studies.

I'm very joyful about my degree and the path the Lord led me down in deciding what type of career I'd like to pursue. Taking classes in religion was an amazing experience. Studying the Bible as Literature, World Religions, The Old and New Testament, Tibetan Religion & Culture, in addition to my religious studies seminars and countless other great courses all within a classroom-setting, was such an enhancement to my cluster of knowledge. Having such a refreshing and abundant experience throughout my religious studies career at school, truly has me giddy to obtain further credentials while studying at a Biblical University.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying life as a recent college grad... coveted leisurely time,
lounging and sleeping in, delving into the wonderful world of casual, yet resourceful books... building my ever-so slight beginner library. *sigh* There's nothing like reading books of your choosing and actually having the time to!

What's that book by Dr. Suess? Hm... Oh the places you'll go! Yeah, that's how I'm feeling right about now... floating on cloud 9, smiling and daydreaming; envisioning the plan that the Lord Jesus has for my post-college life and the life of my (future) family and the generations to come... I thank You Lord and I'm ever-so grateful for Your blessings.

Mark 1:14-15.

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