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"He That Overcometh"

Written: 1/23/09

Posted: 1/24/09

Hey guys. I went to Wal-Mart on the other side of town today after one of my apartment mystery shops. I was there looking for the cheap Air Wick Express Warmers and refills that I couldn't find at my regular Wal-Mart yesterday. I paid $.68 for those two items total, and I did a second transaction with the same two items.


While in there looking for those items, I was gonna get some cereal for cheap and more BIC razors for $.94 with my Q's. The cereal cost more than my regular Wal-Mart and the razors they had was a 10 pk priced the same as the 14 pk that I got at my regular Wal-Mart :eek:

Since those items were higher at this particular Wal-Mart, this got me thinking. So, I did some light investigating.

(These prices are guesstimates, give or take a few cents).

My Regular Wal-Mart
Tide Totalcare = $7.84 (not a good price, btw)
BIC Razors Silky Touch = $2.94 for a 14 pk
Cheap box of name-brand cereal = $1.98

The Other Wal-Mart
Tide Totalcare = $8.84
BIC Razors Silky Touch = $2.94 for a 10 pk
Cheap box of name-brand cereal = $2.26

These were just a few of the items where the prices were cranked up, so imagine how much more these people are paying for all their groceries/other necessities... I was pretty shocked and then got to thinking about it some more and realized it was because of the community in which the Wal-Mart was located. It was in an under-privileged neighborhood and it really did sadden me how the people who live in a low-income area, shop at their local Wal-Mart in hopes of saving money by not going to a regular grocery store... when in actuality, Wal-Mart is pimping them for their money!!! Food Lion even had the Tide Totalcare on sale today for $5.99, and that Food Lion I went to was in the SAME parking lot as that very Wal-Mart....... I'm shaking my head over here.

.....................such an experience I had today while being in that particular Wal-Mart and observing the various customers shuffling about... the thoughts I pondered... it's really sad; the feeling that someone out there isn't making it as well as others AND the idea that Wal-Mart really is engaging in such trifling and inhumane, yes INHUMANE practices... I'm just so grateful unto God for the little things, ya know? If you've never experienced poverty, Lord knows you're blessed and it's time to say "Thank You, Jesus;" and say it again a few more times! And if you have experienced it or are experiencing it now, keep right on praising God through your continued devotion to Him. I just pray that the Lord harkens unto the voice of those in lesser privileged circumstances; I know He will... He hears our cry [Read Psalm 138; thank You Holy Spirit and glory to Your name oh God].

.....................I didn't know about what Wal-Mart was doing until now. And, hurts to think about it, even. Not to mention, it's even worse that these customers probably haven't a clue about what's going on... makes you give the world a second, third and fourth look, I'll say.

The feeling that I felt within me when I had that “ah-ha!” epiphany-like moment of “wow, are they really doing that?” wasn’t just an “Oh, I’m sad”-type-of-sadness, it was a somber/solemn, deep-within-my-soul-type-of-sadness. Like, I could feel it... I could literally feel the emotion of sadness within me, over this situation—yeah I know, typing the feeling out surely isn’t the same as experiencing it, huh... don't worry, you don't want to experience it because it's an oppressive spirit [read further...]

It wasn’t a fun feeling by any means... after I had gotten home, when there were tears, sobbing and snot, you know it’s something serious. LOL. Ok, <~~~ there I was being facetious, but I really did have a meltdown and later found comfort in the peace of God through listening to my favorite Gospel tunes.

There are all kinds of spirits out there, good and bad ones. And we as Christians must be able to correctly identify each one for what it truly is. Good = Holy Spirit. Bad = Demonic spirit [See Ephesians 6:10-20]. But, yeah... you get my drift on the whole Wal-Mart thing that God showed me, right? Looking back again, in my spirit it did feel like a demonic presence was at that Wal-Mart, all jokes aside... and I called him out too; I called him a liar, because that’s what he is:

When I was browsing through the Air Wick Warmers and refills, they kept popping off of the shelves. Like, I would put ‘em in their spot, but they’d keep falling on the floor. This was when I was trying to calculate my final price before I got to the checkout lane... I called the devil a liar because I knew he was trying to convince me that the deal I found wouldn’t work. But it did. Lo and behold, went to checkout as stated earlier, and it worked. Both transactions. Glory to God. [Ephesians 6:12, 14 says “12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 14Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth,...].”

After tonight and everything that I felt within me about this situation, I’m considering whether or not I should shop at Wal-Mart again... [See Romans 14]. Overall, I really think I need to re-evaluate my spending habits there though. I don’t want too many of my dollars going to support a company with foul price-increase practices, who deliberately target unsuspecting and innocent consumers. Right now, I don’t feel convicted not to shop there anymore, only because it was an evil spirit up in there and it wasn’t God's voice; it was an evil spirit surrounding that place. But, I will pray about it, Lord willing and I thank God for the peace He restored unto me tonight after spending time singing praises unto Him. I love You, Lord. Keep me and protect me, Lord God. Lead and guide me all the days of my life ever so faithfully all the while putting on the whole armour of God [See Ephesians 6:10-20]. This is my prayer. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.


["He That Overcometh" - See the Book of Revelation].

Mark 1:14-15

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