Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lord God forgive me.
I have sinned and I am remorseful.

I am coming to you now to ask for your forgiveness and to confess my faults to my brothers and sisters; James 5:16.

Today I sent my mom and my older sister both a text message, saying,
"I need Dad to get a job, more than I want a job."

We are to pray, and not complain.
Dear God, thank you!


Image © Jason Paulhamus

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  1. Complaining is a very hard thing not to do especially when it is in our nature (the flesh) to do such a thing. That is why the word says walk in the spirit so that you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh (Lust does not always mean something sexual)

    confessing that you was wrong for doing that was the right thing to do and very bold. I am still praying for your job situation and now I am praying for your fathers job situation. Also peace!!! Keep reppin the Kingdom Sis you are a great inspiration and role model!!!


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