Thursday, June 10, 2010

"God is more than just an experience."

Have you ever had such a great time in the Spirit, that afterward, you ate something and sat [meditated] on some of the revelation you received? ...But, you didn't share it? [AMEN].

"God is more than just an experience."
  • Share that revelation.
  • Share that experience [that happening, that story]. [AMEN].
Some things will be just for you [God's hidden treasure], other things he'll want you to share. Please ask Him, He will help you.

Today after communing with our God, I was given, "God is more than just an experience." I then thought about it for a while and yes, HE is.. He is more than that. HE is above that; Higher than I.

So after this moment, I look up-- open my curtains and see a UPS truck sitting outside, parked across the street. Guy gets out and I watch him walk to the door. I just KNEW it was my CD, right!! My CD by Central Worship, "We Are Your People," LIVE that I ordered about five days ago! I was enjoying a quiet and silent rejoicing within me. All I could think about was experiencing GOD! I lie to you not. The main song on that album that I have heard, is called "Amazing." And my Spirit within me said, "AMAZING." Some of the lyrics of that song are,

So Amazing. Awesome, mighty King. God of eternity, the One Who first loved me.

I was ready to experience God all over again. And again, and again; thanks to the anointing upon this album. [AMEN]. So, I wait until the UPS guy rides off and I go downstairs, right.. only to find a box from

My mom had ordered something from there! HAHAHAHA, it wasn't my album; it wasn't even my package! lol.

...The next time you're hype on experiencing God, consider the words from the Almighty HIMSELF.. "God is more than just an experience." Find out what HE wants you to do with all of that ANOINTING HE has so freely given you. [AMEN].


@Child0fGod John 14:26, But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things... :D

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  1. Great word sis!!! I can co sign on what you are saying. There has been times when I have told myself I can not wait to get to church so I can get a word and a move of God and get very disappointed when I felt it did not happen the way I wanted it to happen. It dawn on me "why do I wait till church to receive??" Indeed God so more then just an "experience".


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