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A Thousand Words Thursday #8

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A Thousand Words Thursday #8

My audio transcription interpretation. Thanks be to God! Print and share.

“PENTECOST WILL SET YOUR RELIGION ON FIRE!” Sermon by Pastor Guy Parrish, under the anointing

And there’s something tragically missing out of the Church today. And it’s not décor and it’s not entertainment, and it’s not just a good time and it’s not just even feeling good when you leave. It’s that experience that comes from God that is subsequent to salvation, and it’s called THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST.

HE said there is one coming after me that’s going to give you a baptism in FIRE, and that Holy Ghost is that fire.

My question this morning is this—do you have that baptism of the Holy Ghost? I made up my mind this morning that I’m preaching what God wants me to preach because there needs… to be… A REVIVAL. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN ANOINTING. THERE NEEDS TO BE A PENTECOST.

And you know what, Pentecost is not dead, the Church is not dead. You know how I know the Church is not dead, because God is not dead. As long as God’s alive, the Church is alive. As long as there is breath in God, they’ll be breath in the Church.

Now some of you have the evidence of religion on your fingers, and you have it in your lap and you have it on your lips. And you come to Church, but you leave out just as empty as you come. That’s never God’s plan. God wants you to be filled UP. God wants you to be full.

God said out of your belly shall flow rivers of Living. Water. It’s not dead streams or dead ponds; it’s Living WATER. I want you to know that if there’s ever been a time that we need a baptism of the Holy Ghost, IT IS TODAY. It’s Pentecost now, why wait another year, why wait another ten years. Why say, “well it’s for somebody else, but it’s not for me?” I can tell you, every promise in the Book is for you!

Everything GOD ever said will come to pass—WILL come to pass, but you’ve GOT TO WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! ARE you FULL of the Spirit of GOD this morning!

WE need a baptism of POWER and of FIRE; and THANK GOD I want you to know it only comes with desire! You’ve got to want it bad enough. Why, because the Power of the Holy Ghost is more powerful than demons, it’s more powerful than devils, it’s more powerful than religion. HE’s more powerful than anything you could possibly imagine.

You talk about nuclear power, brother THIS is a greater power than NUCLEAR power. THIS IS THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST!! You need to be baptized with HIM. And if the Church could ever learn this and understand this, this is where our power is at.

It’s NOT in the program. It’s NOT in the entertainment, it’s not in the great musicians that we have or the halfway decent pastors—that sometimes he is—it’s NONE of that! You see the problem is we’ve LOST sight of where the real power is. We need to be full of the HOLY Ghost. We need Pentecost breathed back into us; we need to take note that JESUS is in the house—and the WORLD needs to take note that we’ve BEEN WITH JESUS! Because when we’ve been with Jesus, things are going to happen—devils are going to be bashed and devils are going to be cast out, and miracles are going to HAPPEN because GOD IS A GOD OF POWER, AND DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT! He STILL BAPTIZES in the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah.

Let Pentecost set your religion on fire.


Mark 1:14-15.

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