Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goodbye January

Was cleaning out my coupon accordion file tonight and saw some good coupons go to waste that expired on Jan. 31st and earlier. *sigh* Without a steady job to support my couponing hobby, I’m not able to take advantage of all of the great deals that I see roll around. It is disheartening, seeing a sale and not being able to capitalize on it. Yet, I still keep my faith and know that if I keep putting the effort into obtaining a job, the Lord will provide. He always has.

What went to waste?

I received some good Welch’s Grape Juice coupons from a coupon trade. I found several sales I could use the coupon on, but I never did go get any: 1 $1/1 MFR exp. 1/31, 3 $1/2 MFR exp. 1/31.

I was able to get the Oust BOGO coupon deal a while ago at CVS, but I found an additional Q (coupon) in the coupon train I received a few days ago. I forgot I had this Q and never got to use it! :( BOGO Oust Air Sanitizer MFR exp. 1/17.

Sara Lee Frozen Cherry Pies are my absolute FAVORITE (well, any cherry pie, lol)!! A nice fellow couponer sent me some Sara Lee Catalina Q’s from Kroger. They expire today but I guarantee they don’t have a sale, and if they did I wouldn’t be able to get them anyway... $1/2 Sara Lee frozen desserts MFR exp. 2/1. My mom is so precious, when she was at the grocery store today, she surprised me by picking up a Mrs. Smith frozen Cherry Pie because she knows they are my favorite!! How sweet of her was that? I haven't had one since Christmas... I can't wait to bake it later on today!! I'll post pics ;)

I’ve wanted some Febreze Fabric Refresher ever since we moved out of our temporary apartment and I misplaced the free trial size I had gotten... I can’t find it anywhere. True Value, YES, True Value was having a sale on the Febreze that ends today as well. $2.99 each. The Q was for $.50/1 MFR exp. 1/31, so it would have only cost $2.50.

Even though the Q’s expired, I’m planning on sending them to another fellow couponer who sends the expired Q’s to the military, since they are allowed to use expired Q’s up to six months after the expiration date. So, that’s a good thing that comes of this.

Guess what else?

There are, however some pretty good deals going on that I want to desperately take advantage of, and will scrounge up whatever pennies I can to get them! lol.

The couponmoms ( have stated that Harris Teeter is having a Super Bowl sale on the Coca-Cola Classic 12-packs—my favorite drink! Yahooo!! Word on the street is that they are $1.99 each. Unbelievable. I checked the e-VIC flier in my inbox and it says they are BOGO, but it doesn’t list a price. I’m going today to check them out. I have the $1/1 12-pack Q’s from MyCokeRewards, so if they are $1.99, only $.99 each oop!!! Super-excited!! :D

Update 2/1/09:

see, I was out and had to have some before I took a pic, lol!

They were on sale (BOGO) but the price was $2.99 each.
With my $1 Q, I paid $1.99 each and got two! Yaay!
Sale ends 2/3/09.

See here:

Harris Teeter

2 Coca-Cola 12 packs $2.90 each - 2 $1 Q's = $3.80 for 2!!!

Total = $3.80 + $.39 tax = $4.19

$4.17 oop ($.02 off, dunno why)
$7.80 saved

Coke is my favorite!!
Next time I'm stocking up!! :D

Also, Kroger is having a sale until Feb. 7th on select General Mills Cereals, 3 for $5. With my $1/3 Q, I can get three for $4, or $1.33 each :) :)


Turns out that I scheduled my mystery shops on days after these sales end! Meaning, the sale will be over by the time I do my shops and therefore I cannot get reimbursed for my groceries... one thing after another, huh. Sheesh.

On the Bright side,

I still have some Stouffer’s Panini Q’s that I received from various generous coupon trades... 14 Q’s to be exact!! I’ve never had that many of one coupon that I did not have to buy a newspaper for!

Oh how I love these things, especially the Italian Chicken. I’m uber-excited. But, they expire soon: 2/15. Now, I wonder where the sale is...

Happy Couponing,

Mark 1:14-15.

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  1. The coke boxes are giving me a craving!! :) You left a comment on my post about giving up coke, so I thought I'd come over and check you out. I do have to own up and say that I've had a few more, but I'm almost free!! Your superbowl spread looks soooo yummy! God Bless!


May the Lord bless you. And, please leave a link to your blog as well so that I can stop by and visit! ;)