Thursday, February 26, 2009

Status Update #2


  • I just finished up my "Working Willingly" tasks today. I love accountability, it's such a beautiful concept-- a concept that could have only been designed by our Lord. Glory to God.
  • I've been working diligently on the brand new Mystery Shopping Blog. Be sure to join us: If you're not a mystery shopper and want to be one, you can learn how to become one.
  • I plan on going biking today. The weather-man said it's supposed to be 60 degrees. I feel like a nap, but a quick ride around the neighborhood will be refreshing! I cannot wait for spring & summer!! ;)
  • I meant to tell you that I have since given up Coca-Colas. I used to love those things, but not anymore. Also, ALL caffeine and cafinated beverages (coffee, tea) I've quit. Just caffeine-free and decaf or nothing :)
  • Bible study is at 7:30 tonight. This is the first time I'm going to try and go to Bible Study at this church. It's 30 minutes to and from, so it seems like a chore. But, I know it'll be worth the drive.

Leisurely To-Do List (ABC Order):

  • Buy a rocking chair for my room (man, I have been looking for a good rocking chair since summer time of last year! I checked Roses, Cracker Barrel, and even a furniture shop in the country... *sigh!* I need my perfect rocking chair! :(]
  • Sign up for a library card
  • Watch G. Craige Lewis videos again


Made some omelets today-- my favorite breakfast food! I'm a breakfast food junky. It's my absolute favorite meal of the day. I have labeled this post as "cooking" because baking deals with you know, treats and sweet-stuff :) Enjoy.

I also made some chicken fajitas yesterday that I ate for dinner and I'm eating for lunch right now! lol. Good stuff; I didn't take pictures of those.

Couponing at Wal-Mart

I had a wonderful time at Wal-Mart yesterday!!
I love couponing!!!

I'm not keeping all of this; I'm giving some away.

Here's what I got:

3 BIC Twin Razors (14 ct) $2.94 - $2 Q = $.94 each
1 BIC Sensitive Razors (12 ct) $2.57 - $2 Q = $.57
2 Cascade Rinse Agent $3.13 - FREE Q = Free!!!!!
2 Dove Deodorant Trial Size $.97 each = $1.94 - $1.50 Q = $.44 total

Total in Coupons/Savings = $15.76
Total Spent on Everything = $3.83

YIPPIEEE. I love it, lol!


I was just thinking today how much I miss college life. Well, not all of it. Particularly, the jobs that I held on campus. I used to work as copy editor of the campus paper and at the radio station. WZMB 91.3 FM Greenville. Now, THAT was a fun job! *big smiles* The only bad part about it was the fact that I had to wake up at 9 a.m. and head to the radio station. I got to play whatever I wanted on the air-- so fun. I played nothing but Gospel & Christian music the third day I was on the job... Tye Tribbet, the Clark Sisters, Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers-- these were some of the amazing artists that I played on air. I'm smiling now, hehe.

I remember that switchboard, the mic and the headphones... Man, what a fun job. Who wouldn't want to sit on their behind all day, taking listener-requests, chatting on air and listening to music all day?? This was fun for me while in school, but I honestly couldn't have it as a 9-5 job. I feel like I would get bored and have to quit or something... LOL. But, really. Music is my life, GOSPEL music that is-- ONLY Kingdom music. It's all I've listened to since I began living for Christ. I love it. Since I'm reminiscing here, check out a pic I took of myself in the DJ Booth a few months ago... hehe.


Mark 1:14-15.

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  1. You did great at Walmart...saved big time.

    The omlette looks delish...

    Thank you for participating in Working Willingly.

  2. Thank you!! :)

    And, you're welcome. I appreciate the accountability. It's great... God's Great :)

  3. i got the 2 doves and the cascade too :)

  4. Hey Tami! Don't you just love couponing?? :)

  5. I like your concept of "working willingly" tasks.

  6. Thanks Jerri. But, I can't take credit! It's from Hadias' blog ProverbsWife ;)


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