Monday, March 2, 2009


...I just joined today!! It's pretty exciting. I had heard of it before, but it wasn't until I saw Twitter on the news that I knew I needed to get in on the fun, lol. Since ending my relationship with Facebook, I have joined several online communities: First there was which I still visit frequently, then there was (two blogs); yep-- just joined in January, and now Twitter comes along.

It's not difficult for me to keep up with these communities because I was BORN a computer-junky; it's what I do. But, I love it. And, Twitter is super cool. I used to update my status constantly on Facebook so Twitter is like home for me, lol!

Here I am on Twitter:
[For my second blog Mystery Shoppers Unite].
Updated 4/26/10,
I am no longer @SecretShoppers. I'm now @allthingsgodly and the blog is All Things Godly:

I'm also on this Twitter:
[For my first blog How Deeply I Need You. I'll probably add passages and goodies like that to this one] Update 3/6/09-- I switched this one to mobile instead of Mystery Shoppers Unite!

Thanks for reading and hope to chirp [hear] from you soon!
See you on Twitter,

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