Friday, March 6, 2009

Archived Article: Loosing from Self-Gratification

Pray this prayer whenever you feel that you are beginning to be tempted by indulging in self-gratifying behavior that does not honor God (this could be any self-pleasing sin):

"Father, I want to be free from trying to comfort myself with acts of physical self-gratification. The best way I know to get close to your strength to overcome this desire is to bind my will and my body to your will and to bind my mind to the mind of Christ. I choose to do this, I choose to place myself in your will that I might be free. I bind my emotions to the healing, balancing control of the Holy Spirit.

"I loose all wrong mind/body agreements that I have made knowingly or accepted ignorantly. I loose, strip, and tear up the psychological and physiological tracks that my brain has laid down, even deeply etched into itself, turning back to them every time I long to physically console myself. I loose wrong patterns of thinking and wrong beliefs that I deserve to be consoled and stimulated in this manner to make up for others things that I have never had. I loose all layering and stronghold thought pattern building that my soul has put in place to protect its right to try to appease my unmet needs and unhealed hurts.

"I loose soul ties that I have ever had with any sexual partners from my past. Lord, thank you for these keys that give me something to hold onto in prayer when I am seeking to change. I want to change, Father, and I am asking for your divine help as I make the transition to being free from these thoughts and behaviors. I want to stop all wrong behaviors and I want to be healed. You are my Healer and you are my Lord. Bless you, Lord, and thank you. Amen."

You can also read and pray Psalm 51 for the forgiveness of sin.

God bless you.

Be encouraged,

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