Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Bachelor:" Real Talk.

Yeah, so I watch this show because it "promises" the hope of marriage at the end of the show. Tonight I was particularly distraught when I saw Jason so ignorantly and selfishly dismiss Melissa after having given her a rose... wait, he gave her a ring and PROPOSED.

I absolutely was rooting for Jason in the beginning because he was a stand up guy. I don't hate him, but I see him as a victim. A victim of dating. It's really sad.

And, I feel especially compassionate toward Melissa. No, it doesn't make sense, Melissa. (Melissa said it didn't make sense). It doesn't make sense because it's spiritual and you must be spiritual to understand. Jason was manipulated into thinking he could not live without Molly. Whether it was the works of his family or Molly herself and her witchcraft crew-- SOMETHING SPIRITUAL happened. I knew Molly was wrong for Jason and I knew Melissa was perfect for Jason. The thing is that, it's not Melissa's fault. It's not Jason's fault. They are both victims of serial dating. Dating is detrimental because you're giving bits and pieces of your heart away to every person you date...

It causes people who have been "dumped" to develop insecurities, doubt, low self-esteem, low self-worth and the like. Every time I see such heartbreak, I pray to the Lord that the person doesn't kill him or herself. It's that serious. Before the Lord saved me I was a victim of dating. This thing is spiritual and Christians need to stop doing it. God doesn't like it. God has one mate intended for us (if it's in the Lord's will anyway), not two, not three. And THAT'S WHY Jason should have never gotten involved with two women at the same time, whether he was "The Bachelor" or not.

I compare it to the likes of Hollywood-- they can't keep relationships. Since becoming featured on "The Bachelor," Jason became a type of "celebrity," if you will. With fame comes arrogance; the idea that you can have anyone you want, no matter who you hurt.

The minute I saw him crying over the balcony, I knew he should have never went on that show. It was just too much for him. He had given his heart away so many times that he could hardly bear another break-up (the break-up with Molly). The first break-up was when he and his wife got divorced (not to mention the break-ups he might have had beforehand), the next was with DeAnna, the next was with Molly and the last was with Melissa-- no wait, that won't be the last break-up... what a ridiculous cycle of hell. He'll never be happy as long as he's dating... it's not possible. Happiness apart from God doesn't exist; it's a lie, it's an illusion, it's a false-sense of security.

God have mercy on your people.
What a waste. What a disappointment.

Lord Jesus it is my prayer that You mend and heal the broken heart of Melissa, who appeared on "The Bachelor." In Jesus' name, amen.

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