Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night with Alltel So I've officially discovered how to upload my mobile pictures to the web. Big fun. So, here are some pictures I've taken recently! Yay :) This should be fun. I don't typically post a lot of pictures of myself, but I figured this is my blog and I love taking pictures soooooooooo whoever reads can either deal orrr.... ;) THIS is what [photo] blogging is! Hehe. Don't be shocked if when you check back later some of these are gone. I have a tendency to delete pictures sporadically!

Today. Poo-poo came to take
pictures with me.

Car. In D.C. last month.

In D.C. Fuze fruit/veggie drinks.
I wonder if they are any good.

California Sushi Roll. YUUUM.

Because I'm cool like that...
well, sometimes anyway :)

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  1. ohhh! I have a sporadic deleting tendency too lol but the pics are great you look reall happy :)


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