Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Status Update #1

Hi everyone :) I hope everyone is doing well. This is the first “Status Update.” I’ll use these whenever I haven’t blogged in a little while, to catch you up with all that has been going on.

Thank You, Lord

I feel like I’ve been MIA (Missing in Action) from howdeeplyineedyou—time apart from this blog I cannot bear... :-\ yeah, dramatic I know, but...I do love this blog. I really do see it as a ministry tool for sharing the gospel of Christ through the things He shows me, speaks to me and teaches me; it's like a Testimony. This entire blog is a Testimony of the beautiful sovereignty of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ--in every way. So I graciously thank God for choosing me to undertake such a delightful, yet precious responsibility. He’s awesome and worthy of all of the praise.

God Speaks

It’s been wonderful lately around my way. I hope things are well with you. God has been speaking so abundantly too. I just love it; it makes me smile from ear to ear. Yesterday evening my dear mother and I had an overwhelmingly great conversation that lasted hours—I didn’t even track the time, but I know we were still chatting by the time 11 p.m. rolled around. We talked about “the deep things of God” [see I Corinthians 2:9-12]. She shared some testimonies with me that she hadn’t before, like the one with the baby and mama bird who nestled in a tree directly outside of her window pane. That testimony was truly reflective of the way in which God speaks to us—through the comfort of pleasantly peaceful and thoughtful moments.

I was chatting with a fellow blogger earlier this morning about this very thing. About how there was just such a great wealth of information disclosed from the Lord throughout the conversation I had with my mother. It was so strong that she and I literally sat and marveled at the Lord [see Revelation 15:3, John 17:24]. We marveled at God’s glory; glory that we as fleshly/human beings cannot behold with our natural eye—that’s how GREAT (as in “big”) God is! Yet, it is so amazing and purifying to just sit and think on the godly and holy things of the Lord [see Joshua 1:8]. I do this a lot, and I found out just yesterday while chatting with my mom that I’ve been calling it “daydreaming” (see labels on right-hand panel).

Anywho, after describing my thoughts on how abundant and rich the knowledge of God is with the fellow blogger, I searched for a scripture that could describe the feeling of marveling at God's glory. God led me here:

Psalm 139:5-6 says

5Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.
6Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it. really was a good night bonding with my mom. It was a Psalm 139:5-6 night!! ;)

Lately it seems as though we have been drawing nearer to one another... ever since the Lord saved me in 2006, it got difficult to maintain and reconcile my mom’s ways with my new Christ-centered lifestyle [see I Corinthians 15:33]. It’s a blessing--just knowing how God works in the lives of His people by planting common ground along their journeys path, in order [for Christ] to be a witness unto the both of them... what an amazing testimony of the Lord.

[Majority of scriptures added immediately after excerpt above was written].

Mark 1:14-15,


My Baby Girl-Cat

Her name is Bitty and she first debuted [ ;) ] in my previous post throughout a series of pictures. You can see them later by searching the labels.

Bitty usually visits me in the mornings if I have my door open—which is hardly ever—but yesterday morning I had my door open because I happened to be awake since I’ve been working from home lately, planning mystery shops and beginning a second blog. This is the most curiously explorative and intuitively-precious cat you’ll ever meet. Honestly. I wish you knew her as well as I do. She’s so adorable.

As I mentioned, on this particular morning (2/3/09) she came to visit me and she was so bubbly and delightful......... I know why! She’s a “Mama’s Cat,” if you know what I mean—she’s very fond of my mom and ya know the folks with a 9-5 job are gone throughout the day, so I’ve therefore convinced myself that she only came to visit me because her Mama Cat wasn’t home! Lol. She’s rarely this playful with me, so that had to be it ;) AND I filmed her little antics:

I love this baby cat.

This is about 0:55 seconds short... and kinda dim, lol.

I'll do better next time.

I must admit that she was quite annoyed with me
when I started filming her--can't you tell? She turned
back on me, hehe... so, I eventually cut the camera off ;)

Archived picture of my boo-boo lounging:

Look at those precious mis-matched spotted paws! ;)

God bless,
Mark 1:14-15.

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