Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beautiful God

So, I arose at 9 a.m., happy and blessed as ever. I admire and cherish my mornings. To see the beauty of the Lord out the window of my house is phenomenal. The joy the sunshine brings is amazing. Ask anyone, they will more than likely tell you the same-- believer in God or not.

"For the joy of the Lord is strength. We bow down and worship Him now. How great and awesome is He... everyone sing... holy is the Lord, GOD ALMIGHTY! The earth is filled with His glory." --Chris Tomlin, "Holy is the Lord."

Listening to my favorite songs on iTunes, sipping Folgers coffee with delightful creamer. I cannot get over my mornings!! I love them and I thank God for the freedom of the day in which we have!! Blessed Redeemer! Holy and beautiful GOD You are! Continuously I will praise thee, Lord JESUS!!

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