Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peaceful God

The beauty of the Lord puts a smile upon my face. His creation, so purely precious. Below are a few of the pictures I took in the brisk month of May 2007 with my amateur Kodak camera. Photography is a favorite hobby of mine, as is scrapbooking.

I was blog-hopping earlier and came across a blogger/photographer who took amazing pictures. She said she uses a Nikon D40 camera. I looked it up on because they have some pretty good stuff at cheap prices! ...It cost $499.99! YOWZA! Lol. I do want to invest in a professional camera, however. One day...

I love taking pictures in the dawn of the morning, feeling the cool breezes and the kisses from the Lord. So peaceful and mesmerizing it is to spend time outdoors... Jesus, how I love thee O God.


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  1. Labas!
    It's so gratifying to see Lord love for us. In my country now is springtime, the prime of the year. And here is inimitable beautiful flowers in forests, named hepatica (lt: žibuoklė). So I daresay that these flowers is love tears from sky...

    God bless You!!!

  2. Justinas,

    Indeed it is!! God's creation is unfathomable. I love it! Glory to our Father which art in Heaven!! Your country sounds so beautiful!

    Bless you brother!


May the Lord bless you. And, please leave a link to your blog as well so that I can stop by and visit! ;)