Sunday, April 19, 2009

Status Update #4


I talked to my Godmother this evening. She called me; I was all smiles. I love her. I haven't talked to her since I spent an evening over at her house last month. I went to stay with her because I was having issues at my home; I live with my parents. She was very kind to me and allowed me to stay with her. I wanted to move in with her! That's how serious the problem was at my house! Haha, but I'm over it. I'm learning toleration and patience. I cannot always run when things are not going so well.

But anywho, she said she would be my accountability partner!! When she said that, I was so happy! I've been wanting one of these for so long, I just never knew who to ask. But, come to find out, she asks me. So, praise God! Do you remember the post I wrote a while ago called Lord, help? Well, this here is the answer to my prayer. Glory to God.

Accountability is so important in the lives of God's people, in the lives of growing Christians. We must have someone to tell our issues to, someone to confess our faults to, as the Book of James instructs. It's all about holiness and staying pure before our God. If you don't have an accountability partner, no matter your age-- ask a trusted member of the church, or if your parents are saved, ask them to keep you accountable. Married couples have one another as accountability partners.

My Godmother said she'd keep me accountable for praying and reading my Bible daily. And, I asked her what her weaknesses in Christ were, and she told me that she's dealing with anxiety, and how she needs to have more joy in the Lord in the sense of slowing down a little and laughing, enjoying life.

So, it'll be good. I'm grateful. I'm also going to go to some of her Bible study groups, beginning May 5th, which meet every Thursday, sometimes on Tuesdays. God is good to me! Thank You, Jesus.

Working Girl

Tomorrow is my first day of work at my new job! I'm excited. It's crazy because this job is a new job because I haven't worked in so long, but then again it's not a new job because... I've worked there before. Yep, my "new job" is my "old job;" my FIRST job... the first job I ever had when I was 16. Can you believe that? Sometimes I think it's pretty sad, but then again I see it as someone doing me a favor and looking out for me in these bad economical times. I'm grateful and I cannot complain. I finally get a paycheck! So, all is well :) :) Pray my strength!


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