Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie & Books

I watched this movie the other evening. I'm not a big movie-buff, so this was a bit out of the ordinary for me. Yet, I LOVE a good Christian movie (and let me tell you that there are HARDLY any out there). I don't cry at movies, I hardly even cry at funerals, if you can fathom that truth... but, this one made me cry some. I'm not really good giving reviews, but I definitely know when I like a movie/book and when I don't. This one was great... with great resources:
Check it out. It could save your life.

Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship by Joshua Harris
This here is a book I've been wanting for a while. I ordered it a few days ago and it came in the mail recently! It was on my wish list along with his other book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." Both are books that encourage courtship and a godly union between a man and woman who seek the please the Lord in all of their doings. I personally no longer agree with dating, the world's way of finding a mate. It does not have the same characteristics and qualities of courtship. It's as if you have to go through trial and error in order to experience love... I don't approve. I'm interested in beginning this book right away, but I'm already in between three other books, so I'll have to wait!

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
I've never read any books by C.S. Lewis if you can believe that, even with being a graduate of religious studies! So, this one will be a first. I've read the reviews on and I must say that I'm quite impressed. The book is written from the perspective of a grand demon [Screwtape] who writes letters to his nephew, and up and coming demon, giving him tips and advice on how to tempt various Christians [referred to as "patients"].

The Christian author is very successful in invoking repentant feelings within the one reading it because it's like reading a book written by Satan himself; in the author's case, from the perspective of Satan. It's a very intriguing book, from what I've read and I've already learned a few life-changing lessons from simply reading small excerpts from the book! I'm excited. Go check out's reviews and I bet you'll be taken back a bit as well.


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  1. Ow wow I got all three of these things....I bought fireproof because I just live Kirk Camron (He has a Christian show called way of the Master Check it out on youtube!!) and the Book by C.S.Lewis I had to read for school (I really hope you decide to go to Seminary!!! Come to Nyack! lol) and the other book I just got but have not read..... I see why we are friends lol.... great minds think alike!! lol


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