Thursday, April 9, 2009

Status Update #3

Gardening. New Hobby!

So, my mom and I began our greatly anticipated garden last week! It's so quaint and cute. I'm loving it. From recollection, we have beets, onions, peas, beans, squash, cabbage, lettuce and a few others. We're waiting until around Mother's Day to plant the tomatoes, since that's the presumed best climate for them to grow successfully in.

We went to Lowe's for supplies and here's
one of the pretty pink and green potted plants
I saw! had to snap a picture :)

Looks delightful, but we skipped out on these
and got the Iceberg lettuce.

Recent photo of me at Lowe's. Haha, couldn't
resist. Getting my hair done today too! Can't
wait, I'll try to post a picture under this one
tonight possibly.

Heart Matters/"A Thousand Words Thursday"

There have been several things on my heart lately. Of course number one would be the friendship ordeal, as I blogged about this the other day. Scroll down and you'll see the post.

There are so many things that God has revealed unto me since I got saved (praise God, glory) that are not of Him, NOT of His Spirit-- meaning, you cannot put God in it nor can you conform it to fit into a godly mold-- yet, I don't blog about them all.

Cheaper Than Therapy

I reflect more than anything. For one, Yoga is not of God. The word means "to yoke" --it's a form of worship. God forbid. Hip Hop/Rap & R&B are not of God; no explanation needed. Gossip is ultimately dangerous as are the previous other awful mentions. And don't forget about Easter. What a false holiday. Eggs and bunnies have nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ. The word "Easter" is only mentioned in the Bible once and scholars proclaim that it's a mistranslation. The traditions of men are vain. Religion in the sense of "the customs of man" is pompous. Just celebrate Jesus. What's with the bunny?? I live the life I blog about because it's important to avoid coming across as a hypocrite and even more importantly to walk the talk. GOD have mercy on your people. It just disgusts me to even think about it all, let alone spend time writing about it... bleh.

God bless you and I pray that your eyes are awakened to truth or will soon be, in Jesus' name. Mark 1:14-15.

I'm hungry, how's about some messy cherry pie?

Mark 1:14-15,

P.S. I don't typically blow hot air-- read about some of the things I talked about in this post by going to the Word:

Jeremiah 10:1-5
[Christmas is not of God/Traditions of man]

Matthew 6:4, Luke 16:13
[Can't serve two masters. Yoga or Jesus Christ?]

Colossians 2:8
[Vain philosophy of men not after the ways of Christ]

2 Corinthians 5:17
[New creature in Christ, can't mix light with darkness/good with evil-- Hip Hop, Rap, R&B]

Matthew 10: 26
[All darkness will be made known]

Listening to on iTunes:
I Know I've Been Changed"
"God of Wonders" by WCC

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  1. you are right about easter/christmas

  2. Just wanted to extend a Happy Easter greeting out to you hope you are doing well today :)

    -Ladi Pattie

    oh and im right there with u on yoga


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